bheda (bhāˑ·d),

n in Ayurveda, a phase in the progression of a disease characterized by destruction of a tissue or structure within the body, thus leading to changes in other bodily systems and organs. It is difficult to treat a disease at this stage.
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Mukund, and his core team of Tanu Bheda, Aishwarya Hegde, and Nabeel Najeeb, are currently busy organising a football match on Friday, January 19, with the intention of creating a stronger alumni community that will be able to count on each other for support, as well as help the school in the future.
Tenders are invited for Restoration To Khetrapal Minor From Rd 00 To 500M, Bheda Minor From Rd 00 To 1200M And Jankothi Minor From Rd 2050M Of P.
AIPMA chairman Hiten Bheda and Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC) in India Representative, Ambassador Tien Chung-kwang, was also in attendance at the seminar
He says this because Sridhara Svamin emphasized Advaita (the abheda part), whereas Madhva emphasized Dvaita (the bheda part), but Ramanuja spoke of visistadvaita, the "non-duality of the one with qualities," thus giving both the abheda and the bheda.
Narendra Bheda, Secretary of Consortium of India Scientists for sustainable development and Mr.
They could have grabbed the opportunity to become a specialist in one category rather than becoming one more 'me-too' generalist," says Nayan Bheda, Founder of e-commerce education institute Indian School of eBusiness.
We are excited to be the first to develop a robot-based additive manufacturing platform optimized for composite parts," says Hemant Bheda, CEO and founder of Arevo Labs.
Around 20 trainers and sewing machinist operators from Tajik clothing companies will be introduced to the methodology of 3G Tailor of Rajesh Bheda Consulting, a leading consulting company on the clothing industry in Asia, Asia-Plus reports referring to the International Trade Center (ITC) Office in Tajikistan.
In the Culakammavibhanga Sutta, for instance, using a stock phrase, the fruits of actions are experienced "with the breaking up of the body after death" (kayassa bheda param marana M iii.
She even drills specific eye movements (often side-to-side to the corners of the eyes), called drishthi bheda.
The dualist school is based on the idea of bheda (difference), and Madhvacharya (1238-1317 CE) the chief proponent of the Dvaita school argues that individual souls and nature is dependent on Brahman, and that the universe created by Vishnu (God) is real.
Co-founders Karen Green and Bridget Ganguly, along with their organising team, Krupa Khimji, Tanu Bheda and Puja Khimji, are holding the exclusive black-tie gala once again on March 8.