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bhangra (bhängˑ·r),

n Latin name:
Eclipta alba; parts used: whole plant, roots, seeds, seed oil; uses: in Ayurveda, balances kapha and vata doshas (pungent, bitter, light, dry), antiinflammatory, hepatoprotection, hypotensive, alopecia, ringworm, liver conditions, catarrh, cough, hemorrhage, indigestion, roots: emetic; purgative; precautions: none known. Also called
babri, bhringaraja, false daisy, tekarajah, or
trailing eclipsa.
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The dancing was led by professional group Gabhru Panjab De (GPD) Bhangra Dancers, who showed the amateurs the steps.
In December, Nesdi was crowned Best Newcomer at the UK Bhangra Awards and now she has just been signed by VIP Records, which manages British Asian artists.
Joining him on his quest to celebrate all things bhangra is British-Pakistani dhol (drum) player Rani Taj, known for blending her instrument's sounds with all genres of music.
Seema Gulati, an NYC Bhangra volunteer, recalls, "Volunteering for Holi Hai
It is the culmination of a lifelong family passion for Hardeep, who got involved with Bhangra whilst growing up in Huddersfield and was influenced by his grandfather.
Omved, an organic lifestyle brand that supports pure natural living, affiliated with JG's Fittness center to collectively hold a yoga event called 'Masala Bhangra and Chakra' on the 6th April 2014, between 08.
Kuly Ral, who was married to Geeta and had three-year-old daughter Priya, was part of urban bhangra group RDB and toured the world, performing in Australia, Thailand, Singapore and India.
In modern times, Bhangra dance is popular among men and women in India.
Pump up the Bhangra will be held tonight at Club Area 51, Riviera Hotel, from 9pm until 2am.
Do people want bhangra fitness classes and, more importantly, will they pay for them?
Bhangra music and Punjabi pop which are often featured in Bollywood films, was reportedly played in one resident's room while later, an Asian language radio station was tuned on, despite English being their first language being English.
It was not long before Mr Singh began a new career as the front man of the world's longest running bhangra group Golden Star.