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Abbreviation for postantibiotic leukocyte enhancement.


adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration indicative of low energy, cold energy, energetic blockages, infections, and echo patterns. See also cold energy, echo pattern.


lacking the pink color of normal viable tissue that is perfused with blood.

pale laurel
kalmiapolifolia var. microphylla.
pale willow weed
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ON DISPLAY: Honley artist Jeff Beaumont pictured at the preview of his exhibition, at Holmfirth Civic Hall, 'Far Beyond the Pale Horizon'
But for the city's leader to be so mealy-mouthed and downright mean is beyond the pale.
and to suggest to somebody that if they manage to snare more than e5,000 of bookmakers' cash, they run the risk of having it impounded for the benefit of the Customs Officer's Benevolent Fund, is negativity beyond the pale .
We are now beyond the pale and the media tell us some of the primates meeting in Northern Ireland had a dinner to celebrate the occasion; I hope the menu did not include oysters Rockefeller or lobster thermidor because "Everything in the waters that has not fins and scales is an abomination .
Both projects convey a certain joie de vivre and lay claim to popular appeal but stand to some extent beyond the pale of contemporary critical discourse.
The usually chic Naomi's see-through shapeless nightie and oversized neck scarf are beyond the pale
Featuring two members from Lord Weird Slough Feg, Hammers goes beyond the pale of darkness with their distinct brand of mayhem.
11, 2001--to suggest that any government agency should be blown up, and that the people who work there merit mass destruction is beyond the pale.
Worst of all, friends, mentors, and close allies repeatedly abandoned him because how he chose to love and whom he chose to desire put him beyond the pale of what America at that time defined as acceptable.
It then lashes out with the incredible observation: "The Vatican's insistence that politicians put their religion first in determining public policy on the question is beyond the pale.
To portray these creeps as humanitarian heroes is just beyond the pale.
If discovered passing (wittingly or unwittingly), a white person legally defined as African American could instantly fal l not only beyond the pale of society, but also into the terrain of ("negro") criminality, as one who defied the jurisdiction of "whites only.