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Betaferon® Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose. A megatrial comparing the efficacy of 2 doses of Betaferon® with Betaferon®/glatiramer acetate in patients with multiple sclerosis
Conclusion There was no statistical difference in the primary endpoint—length of time until the next relapse
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However, traditional banking practices have proven unsound and perhaps it is time for radical thinking and a return to the old values of thrift, prudencea nd not borrowing beyond one's means.
AT A TIME when living beyond one's means seems to be the rule rather than the exception, the town of Okotoks is bucking the trend.
Steve Albrecht Study on the mind of a fraudster, Ballard stated that research shows nine motivators of fraud: 1) living beyond one's means, 2) an overwhelming desire for personal gain, 3) high personal debt, 4) close association with customers, 5) a feeling that one's pay is not commensurate with one's responsibilities, 6) a "wheeler-dealer" attitude, 7) a strong challenge to beat the system, 8) excessive gambling habit and 9) undue family or peer pressure.
But the temptation to spend beyond one's means can be big in our society, where much emphasis is placed on material possessions.
Valis tells her readers that Galdos saw living on credit beyond one's means as a form of cursileria because it represents aspirations and desires without the means to fulfill them.
Laced with comic-strip gags of exploding cars, rockets and fireworks, episodes touch on a mass of current Italian obsessions, including playing the lottery and signing IOUs to live far beyond one's means, male strip shows and crashing VIP parties.