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A general term for the ‘equipment’—firearm, drugs, poison, rope, car and exhaust pipe or cooking gas—that a person with suicidal ideation plans to use for suicide completion
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For local road users the situation of the A55 at the end of a very long trans-European trade route leading to Dublin and beyond means there is a real risk that at least some of the heavy vehicles they share the road with will be being driven by people who are both unfamiliar with the road and desperately tired.
The prescription for recovery of economic trends suitable for privatisation, is cutting down the expenditure on consumption, and abandoning the habit of living beyond means of the public sector white elephants.
ISLAMABAD -- Joint Investigation Team for Panama Papers probe head Wajid Zia on Monday recorded his statement before the Accountability Court Islamabad in assets beyond means reference against former finance minister Ishaq Dar and also presented the original copies of Volume 1 and 9.
In response to an order of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) through which it stayed proceedings before the trial court, special prosecutor of the country's top graft buster, Imran Shafique submitted a detailed reply in the IHC on Monday, in which the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) accused the former minister Dar of playing 'hide and seek' with the accountability court conducting his trial in connection with a reference accusing Dar of amassing assets beyond means.
According to detail, accountability court on Thursday resumed hearing of assets beyond means case against Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar at Judicial Complex.
It is an additional charge against her besides having "assets disproportionate and beyond means of known sources of income".
Historically, Pakistan has been suffering from a huge budget deficit year after year, which is because of the reasons that include: 1) policies aimed at boosting tax collection rather than accelerating GDP growth rate, 2) poor tax collection because of inefficient tax collection regime, 3) living beyond means, 4) focusing import substitution rather than producing exportable surplus and above 5) living on the remedies suggested by the multilateral donors instead of coming up with the home grown policies.
Do not fall into credit cards trap and do not live beyond means.
The prescription for recovery is cutting down the national expenditure on consumption and abandoning the habit of living beyond means.
The petition says multiple references in a case allegedly involving acquisition of assets beyond means is unprecedented and, as such, is manifestly discriminatory and in violation of the petitioner's fundamental rights as guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution.
In the latest development today, the top court has disqualified Tareen on petitions pursued by members of the ruling party over assets beyond means case.
LAHORE -- An accountability court on Wednesday handed down seven-year imprisonment to Tariq Saeed,a former executive engineer, Zila Council, Lahore, for possessing assets beyond means.