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Betaferon® Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose. A megatrial comparing the efficacy of 2 doses of Betaferon® with Betaferon®/glatiramer acetate in patients with multiple sclerosis
Conclusion There was no statistical difference in the primary endpoint—length of time until the next relapse
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Probably the only thing Pep has done above and beyond expectations is to get over 100 points in the Premier League.
DISABLED SPORTS PERSON AWARD For a disabled sports person who has achieved notable success in grassroots sport, or performed above and beyond expectations.
new home sales surged 18.9% to 0.667 M in September, way beyond expectations and best since October 2007.
This is our peak time of year and we have experienced growth well beyond expectations and been a victim of our own success in terms of shipping speed."
Social-democrats invite liberal conservatives and others who are interested to form a broader front to join their pre-electoral campaign because they are desperate to take down the government and offer things that go far beyond expectations, high unrealistic salaries, bilingualism and various colorful political illusions which might be destructive for the state and national interests.
Peter Barton The Somme 1916 - From Both Sides of the Wire BBC2, 9pm Peter Barton concludes his examination of the events of the First World War battle from German and British perspectives by looking at the final months of the campaign, showing how a remarkable German tactical revolution that began in the summer continued to frustrate the Allied advance and extended the entire war far beyond expectations. The historian also argues that the Battle of the Somme ended not in the winter of 1916, but in the spring of 1917, and reaches the conclusion that there was no British victory.
"The response to the spa and the range of treatments we offer has been beyond expectations," said spa director Jill Russell.
The event also acknowledged top performing retailers and sales force in its annual awards distribution ceremony, performing beyond expectations for the year 2014.
The bank said that the 'complete breakdown of OPEC cohesion' and US shale producers have proved to be 'resilient beyond expectations.'
Critique: An exceptional engaging and inherently fascinating history, "Courage Beyond Expectations: Northwest Indian War, as Told by Those Who Lived It" is a unique window into the past and serves up an historical perspective that is unforgivably absent from most American history books and Hollywood movies.
All-New Genesis clearly demonstrates Hyundai's capabilities in the areas of innovative technology, luxurious comfort, craftsmanship and premium style, delivering on the brand's promise to provide value beyond expectations.
Synopsis: "Beyond Expectations: Out of the Surf" is a fast paced adventure with no shortage of comedy, and just a touch of romance.