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Betaferon® Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose. A megatrial comparing the efficacy of 2 doses of Betaferon® with Betaferon®/glatiramer acetate in patients with multiple sclerosis
Conclusion There was no statistical difference in the primary endpoint—length of time until the next relapse
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Beyond Compare is available immediately in English, German, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.
The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center is a World Beyond Compare, so book before September 1, 2008 and save by calling 407-238-8888, or visit www.
The theme will be showcased through new print creative, which will be compellingly displayed through sequential advertisements in major women's lifestyle publications and will highlight the many ways to best create a Lindt experience of "Chocolate Beyond Compare.
It is also equipped with ordnance, medical, engineering and logistical units beyond compare.
xx BEVINGTON Sylvia Instead of a card, we send our love, Instead of a gift, a prayer To the one we thought the world of And miss beyond compare.
AS every parent knows, the best part about having kids - apart from all the cuddles and love beyond compare stuff - is the toys.
Nobody has ever won more than three legs of the Slam in one year before, but then Mr Woods has talents beyond compare, so those with 50-1 and 33-1 about the Slam should be in for a great ride.
Tonight we'll all celebrate a truly remarkable performer and a voice beyond compare and enjoy over 50 years of stagecraft delivered by one of the most vivacious, bold and enigmatic singers of our time.
Your beauty is beyond compare, With flaming locks of auburn hair, With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.
One magazine headline called them ``The Pair Beyond Compare,'' and they were.
There's someone up in Heaven, so precious and so rare, that someone is a special lady, the best beyond compare.
Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife, said: "As far as we are all concerned, our meerkats are beyond compare and the arrival of the new kits is an absolute delight.