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Betaferon® Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose. A megatrial comparing the efficacy of 2 doses of Betaferon® with Betaferon®/glatiramer acetate in patients with multiple sclerosis
Conclusion There was no statistical difference in the primary endpoint—length of time until the next relapse
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But the rest of the scenes are from the virgin wilderness, and the land that they undoubtedly cursed and struggled through is beautiful beyond compare to modern eyes.
She is credited with managing the Care Beyond Compare Campaign, raising over $19 million for building and equipping the new Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.
The breed was recently appointed to the Ark of Taste by Slow Food U.S.A., and Sunset readers who appreciate good lamb will find it beyond compare.
Scooter Software, Madison, Wisc., has released version 2.0.1 of Beyond Compare, the advanced file and folder comparison utility for Windows.
Wallach was a gifted physician with a bedside manner beyond compare. He saved hundreds of lives and was an incredible friend to have in your life.
Furthermore, the resources they will find at their disposal, both during and after their education, are beyond compare.
Through Christ, human nature has been raised--even in us--to a dignity beyond compare; for "by his Incarnation in a certain way he united himself with each man" (#8).
They adore me beyond compare. In good and bad times, family is always family.
In her hand she held a bloom, A rose beyond compare. Her smiling eyes could leave it not, Though I was standing there.
Beyond Compare A QUIET man, a thinking man, with wit so warm and dry.
It has been very dispiriting watching him play in recent times and while he was capable of calling upon incredible powers of recovery in the past, an Augusta victory would be beyond compare.