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Betaferon® Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose. A megatrial comparing the efficacy of 2 doses of Betaferon® with Betaferon®/glatiramer acetate in patients with multiple sclerosis
Conclusion There was no statistical difference in the primary endpoint—length of time until the next relapse
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Beyond Compare is ideal for system administrators, programmers, translators, Q/A staff, or anyone who needs to manage different copies or versions of data.
JONES RAY Instead of a card We send our love Instead of a gift, a prayer To the one we thought the world of And miss beyond compare Love from Carol, Jill and Karl xx Happy birthday Grandad Love Elliott and Sam xx O'BRIEN JAYDEN 18.
Pair of Meerkats A fun addition to your garden These cheeky little meerkats really are beyond compare.
From sell out Irish tours, opening up for Ice Cube, to hosting a 2000 person Mustache Party on the banks of the River Shannon, the Rubber Bandits have via prank phone calls, songs and riotous live shows emerged as the country's surrealists beyond compare.
4-1 Owner-breeder Aga Khan Trainer John Oxx Jockey Mick Kinane Groom Jack O'Shea Distances Sh hd, 11/2l FOR John Oxx, Mick Kinane and the Aga Khan, this was a day beyond compare, yet their collective joy, heightened still further by Alandi's Prix du Cadran triumph, was matched by the delight and pride of those associated with Yeats, who ended one of racing's greatest careers with head held high.
We aim to provide neuro-care beyond compare, and this award demonstrates that we are delivering on that commitment.
It was marvellous to hear such enthusiastic, pure music in a school choir; quality beyond compare really.
As a tribute to Peel and The Fall themselves, this is beyond compare.
Chaya is a consummate artist, a lifelong friend, and a generous spirit with a sense of humor beyond compare," says Jamison.
The Champagne Houses are always very protective of the name Champagne which they believe to be beyond compare.