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European white birch, bark and leaves of Betula alba (family Betulaceae); native to Europe, northern Asia, and North America, north of Pennsylvania. It contains betulin (betula camphor), betuloresinic acid, volatile oil, saponins, betulol (sesquiterpine alcohol), apigenin, dimethyl ether, betuloside, gaultherin, methyl salicylate, and ascorbic acid; has odor of wintergreen and is used as a pharmaceutic aid (flavor/aromatic).
A tree containing betulinol, glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, sesquiterpenes, tannins, volatile oil—e.g., betulin
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Betula nana was a component of some plant communities; these communities included brown mosses, herbaceous plants and other shrubs.
Seasonal variations in the atmospheric Betula pollen count in Gdansk (southern Baltic coast) in relation to meteorological parameters, Aerobiologia 18: 33-13.
Parelthon kai paron ton emfaniseon tis simidas Betula stin ellada (in Greek with English summary), in Proceedings of Sixth Botanical Scientific Conference, Hellenic Botanical Society and Biological Society of Cyprus, Paralimni, Cyprus: 126-32.
Vegetation development in the vicinity of the Parika bog started at the end of the Late Glacial with open Betula forest, which gradually became denser.
Betula pollen frequency surpassed that of Pinus, which allows us to suggest that single Betula stands could have survived the Younger Dryas on the drumlins, but pine has been present with sparse trees, if ever.
The trees that I am referring to include Betula pendula, our native silver birch, Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii', the Himalayan birch with white peeling bark, Corylus avellana 'Contorta', the corkscrew hazel with its strange twisted and distorted stems and Alnus glutinosa, the native alder.
A house on Antonio Street, Bootle, and at two on Betula Close, Walton, were raided by police Matrix officers in the early morning snow yesterday.
You can create a high, shady canopy with a tall, airy tree such as Betula utilis, the Himalayan birch.
Mountain ashes (Sorbus), birches - particularly the Asiatic species like Betula utilis - alder and fruit trees are all attractive and sturdy.