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European white birch, bark and leaves of Betula alba (family Betulaceae); native to Europe, northern Asia, and North America, north of Pennsylvania. It contains betulin (betula camphor), betuloresinic acid, volatile oil, saponins, betulol (sesquiterpine alcohol), apigenin, dimethyl ether, betuloside, gaultherin, methyl salicylate, and ascorbic acid; has odor of wintergreen and is used as a pharmaceutic aid (flavor/aromatic).
A tree containing betulinol, glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, sesquiterpenes, tannins, volatile oil—e.g., betulin
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As part of the Betula protocol, the following predetermined criteria, which were recorded at the health and cognitive examinations, were used as a guide for an extended evaluation as determined by the senior geropsychiatrist (R.
Thereafter, a more linear descent of Pinus and Betula proceeded until about 4500 cal yr BP, after which the records of pine and birch are virtually absent.
According to our study, the most frequent species from the greenhouse experiment were the vascular plants Betula spp.
Influence of saw and secateur pruning on stem discolouration, wound cicatrisation and diameter growth of Betula pendula.
Betula alleghaniensis, the preferred name for the species known as yellow birch, loosely translates to birch of the Allegheny Mountains.
Influence of felling season, drying method and within-tree location on the Brinell hardness and equilibrium moisture content of wood from 27 to 35-year old Betula pendula.
The Birch Bottom-land is dominated by Betula alleghaniensis and B.
We acknowledge the financial support of the John Bjorkhem Memorial Foundation and thank Lars-Goran Nilsson, who kindly allowed us access to the Betula database, and Karen Williams for her skillful debugging of the English language.
Anthropogenic disturbance during the 18th and 19th c enturies resulted in novel assemblages dominated by Castanea or Betula.