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n. pl. beto·nies
Any of several plants of the widespread genus Stachys in the mint family, especially S. officinalis, native to Eurasia and northern Africa and having spikes of usually reddish-purple flowers. It was formerly used as an herbal medicine. Also called wood betony, woundwort.


Agent derived from Stachys officinalis; suggested ability to lower blood pressure; completely unsubstantiated claims as valuable in therapy for asthma, bronchitis, toothache, and many more disorders.
Synonym(s): bishop's wort.
[L. betonicus, vettonicus, pertaining to the Vettones, an ancient people]

betony (beˑ·t·nē),

n Latin name:
Stachys officinalis L.; parts used: flowers, leaves; uses: seizure disorders, diarrhea, asthma, wounds, high blood pressure, kidney stones, palpitations; precautions: uterine stimulant, pregnancy, lactation, children, patients taking blood pressure medications; may cause hepatotoxicity. Also called
bishops wort or
wood betony.
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Media enquiries to: Betony Taylor, Head of Corporate Communications, HSBC Bank International, +44(0)1534-606004, betony.
Wood Betony has a stimulating opening effect on the solar plexus, considered the center of "gut-level" instincts, groundedness, and self-confidence.
S21: Plenius commaundith to take xx peny wi3te of pe rote of betony
Media enquiries to: Betony Taylor, HSBC Bank International, +44-(0)1534-606004, Betony.
Today, finer grasses allow a profusion of colourful plants, from betony, buttercups and bugle, to stitchworts and scabious.
Whitehouse pupils planted flowers such as cowslips, ragged-robin, and betony, in the grassland leading down to a recently created pond.
Among the more unusual, we have liquorice, white horehound, elecampane, vervain and betony.
The water figwort or water betony (S auriculata) is the species most likely to be grown in gardens, particularly S a Variegata, which has lovely cream and dark green leaves and is excellent in damp, shady places.
Andrew is also offering wild flower such as bird's foot trefoil, betony, bistort, common valerian, corncockle, corn marigold, cowslip, bloody cranesbill, herb robert, ox eye daisy, ragged robin, sweet rocket, teasel, tansy and yarrow.
Cull & Pistol and the 2012/2013 defending champs, The Clam Shack, will be joined by new competition: Betony, The Clam, The Ordinary, Gosman's Dock Restaurant, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster, Da Lobsta, Dock & Roll Diner, Macchialina, North Fork Food Truck, Robert's Maine Grill and Grey Lady will also be duking it out for the title.
I do not understand this obsession Councils have for grass cutting even before most of our wildflowers such as the red campion, lady's bedstraw, betony and different vetches have flowered.
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