beth root

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(T. erectum) A member of the lily family; purported value as antiseptic and astringent; used historically in wound care.
Synonym(s): beth root, coughroot, jew's harp plant, stinking benjamin.
[L., fr. tri-, three, threefold]

beth root,

n Latin name:
Trillium erectum, Trillium grandiflorum; parts used: leaves, roots, rhizomes; uses: astringent, antifungal, hemorrhoids, skin ulcers, varicose veins, analgesic, expectorant, skin irritation; precautions: uterine stimulation, pregnancy, lactation, children, cardiotoxicity. Also called
birthroot, cough root, ground lily, Indian balm, Indian shamrock, Jew's harp, purple trillium, rattlesnake root, snake bite, squaw root, stinking benjamin, three-leafed trillium, trillium pendulum, or