beta2 microglobulin

beta2 microglobulin



A polypeptide that is one of the class I major histocompatibility markers on cell surfaces; it is grouped into chains of low molecular weight called light chains. The ß2-m chain may be affected by the nef gene in HIV, preventing CD8+ T lymphocytes from recognizing the virus.
See: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; major histocompatibility complex


any globulin, or any fragment of a globulin, of low molecular weight.

β2 microglobulin
a polypeptide found free in serum and which also combines with the α (heavy) chain to form class I major histocompatibility heterodimer. See also major histocompatibility complex.
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This technology may be used as a vaccine to generate immunity to the HIV virus by stimulating antibodies to beta2 microglobulin (B2m), which is a cellular antigen that is common in high concentrations to all known strains of the virus.