beta-hydroxybutyric acid

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beta-hydroxybutyric acid

one of the ketone bodies, occurring in abnormal amounts in diabetic ketoacidosis and in starvation due to fatty acid oxidation.

3-hy·drox·y·bu·tyr·ic ac·id

(hī-drōk'sē-byū-tir'ik as'id),
The d-stereoisomer is one of the ketone bodies and is formed in ketogenesis; it is an important fuel for extrahepatic tissues; as an acyl derivative it is also an intermediate in fatty acid biosynthesis. The l-isomer is found as a coenzyme A derivative in β oxidation of fatty acids.

3-hydroxybutyric acid, β-hydroxybutyric acid

major ketone body in circulation; hydroxyacid rather than ketone; important source of energy for extrahepatic tissues (not the brain in sheep) during starvation or diabetes mellitus. Excreted in bovine acetonemia, ovine and bovine pregnancy toxemia and diabetic ketoacidosis.
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