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3-Aminopropionic acid or β-aminopropionic acid; a decarboxylation production of aspartic acid. Found in the brain, in carnosine, and in coenzyme A.
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According to the company, the new allowed claims are directed to methods of delaying muscle fatigue through supplementation with instant release beta-alanine in times and amounts to increase muscle carnosine levels beyond that obtainable through diet alone.
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Nutritional supplements company Natural Alternatives International Inc (NASDAQ:NAII) revealed on Wednesday that it has received the US Patent and Trademark Office's Notice of Allowance for its patent application entitled "Compositions and Methods for the Sustained Release of Beta-Alanine.
Nutritional supplements company Natural Alternatives International (NasdaqGM:NAII) reported on Tuesday the immediate market launch of its patented SR CarnoSyn sustained release beta-alanine that provides increased daily dosing and improved muscle retention of carnosine to delay the onset of muscle fatigue.
Effect of slow-release beta-alanine tablets on absorption kinetics and paresthesia.
2 grams of beta-alanine to support training performance,” said Tobias Young, NPC Bodybuilder and Team ON Athlete.
Beta-alanine supplementation reduces acidosis but not oxygen uptake response during high-intensity cycling exercise.

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