beta thalassemia

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β thal·as·se·mi·a

thalassemia due to one of two or more genes that depress (partially or completely) synthesis of β-globin chains by the chromosome bearing the abnormal gene. Heterozygous state (A2 t.): thalassemia minor with Hb A2 increased, Hb F normal or variably increased, Hb A normal or slightly reduced. Homozygous state: thalassemia major with Hb A reduced to very low but variable levels, Hb F very high level.
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Coexisting iron deficiency anemia and Beta thalassemia trait: effect of iron therapy on red cell parameters and hemoglobin subtypes.
Short stature was the most frequent complication in beta thalassemia major patients on transfusion therapy in our set up while diabetes mellitus was the least common complication.
Out of 2061 males, 91 (4.41%) were found to have beta thalassemia trait whereas among females only 6 (2.75%) out of 218 had beta thalassemia trait.
White blood cells is higher in Beta thalassemia patients than in controls, the increase number in the red blood cells that is immature leads to observe a high number of white blood cells as a result of the error in cell counter which is identify as WBCs (34).
Patients with beta thalassemia, it said, depend on regular blood transfusions and pharmaceutical chelation, while bone marrow transplantation, the only radical treatment for the disease, is only available for a small percentage of patients and comes with serious complications.
Currently, Sangamo is enrolling patients with transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia in a Phase 1/2 trial evaluating the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of ST-400, which uses the same gene-editing approach as BIVV003.
Beta thalassemia trait (also called beta thalassemia minor or beta thalassemia carrier state) is a benign, heterozygous condition that can be distinguished from the more severe beta thalassemia syndromes (intermedia and major) by clinical and laboratory features.
Children with beta thalassemia intermedia, beta thalassemia minor, BTM children receiving thyroid/antithyroid supplements, family history of hypothyroidism, and those with other acute illnesses were excluded from the study.
As shown in table 1, comparing means of individuals with alpha deletion in beta-thai carriers, alpha deletion can modify mean of indices in beta thalassemia carriers slightly.
Based on our observations national beta thalassemia prevention program will have cost-benefit effects.