Army Beta tests

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Ar·my Be·ta tests

a set of pictorially administered tests of relative mental ability, designed for recruits either illiterate or deficient in reading and writing English, with pictorial material and instructions given in signs. Compare: Army Alpha tests.
Synonym(s): Beta tests
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The beta tests of the TekVet System were successful in measuring and monitoring the core temperatures of a number of beef cattle at the Valley View Feedlot in Aurora, Utah.
Matech expects to be conducting additional beta tests on bridges in Ohio, Massachusetts, and additional bridges in California.
2 million NT in a beta test site that will provide all our farmers, producers, and slaughter houses with the opportunity to see the advantages of this technology.
Both H Power and ECO agree that by extending the beta tests, H Power will be able to accumulate additional reliability run time from its units in the field, and make further progress in reducing system cost.
Positive results from our beta tests have resulted in revenue generating shipments, proving we are meeting OEMs' top priorities with real solutions.