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4%) treated with adjunctive beta radiation experienced recurrences, the actual recurrence rates in this population are therefore probably higher.
START was a double-blind, international multicenter trial in which 476 patients were randomized to brachytherapy using the Novoste beta radiation system or to sham brachytherapy following successful angioplasty for in-stent restenosis.
90]Sr beta radiation at four different artificial doses (NTL+ATL).
When the nuclei of the atoms making up a lump of radioactive material decay, they may produce not only alpha and beta radiation but the very high energy, and hence ionizing, gamma radiation.
Unlike other detectors, this spectrometer is more efficient, and able to measure and quantify both gamma and beta radiation at the same time," said David Hamby, an OSU professor of health physics.
Beta radiation has shown desirable effects in the treatment of restenosis, the regrowth of scar tissue associated with balloon angioplasty failure.
badge dosimeters that were unreliable for measuring both external gamma and beta radiation.
It is the only keychain-style personal radiation detector that detects Beta radiation, which includes Strontium-90, a grave concern for dirty bombs.
Sealed patches containing radioactive phosphorus-32 that deliver beta radiation to the cancer site were custom-made according to the shape and size of each patient's skin cancer lesions.
Sirtex's SIR-Spheres microspheres are radioactive polymer spheres that emit beta radiation.
a) liquid scintillation counter to measure beta radiation equipment - 1 set
EndoSonics has been developing the device, named BRIGADE -- Beta Radiation with IVUS Guidance And Directed Energy -- in conjunction with Drs.