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1. abnormal fondness for animals.
2. a paraphilia in which intercourse or other sexual activity with animals is the preferred method of achieving sexual excitement; see also zoolagnia. Called also bestiality.


A paraphilia in which sexual arousal and orgasm are facilitated by engaging in sexual activities with animals.
Synonym(s): bestiality, zooerastia


/bes·ti·al·i·ty/ (bes-te-al´ĭ-te) zoophilia (2).


Etymology: L, bestia, beast
1 a brutal or animal-like character or nature.
2 conduct or behavior characterized by beastlike appetites or instincts.
3 also called zooerastia. Sexual relations between a human being and an animal.
4 sodomy. See also zoophilia.
A paraphilia in which sexuoeroticism hinges on viewing, engageing in or fanticising about sexual relations between human(s) and animal(s).
Reasons for engageing in bestiality Actor has difficulty forming normal relationships with humans or was never interested in sex with humans. Alternatively, the animal may be used as a sex toy and an animated object for sexual gratification.
Diseases linked to bestiality Worms, fleas, ticks, salmonella, campylobacteriosis, viruses which theoretically can mutate and cause new medical problems, legal and social stigmas
Management Therapy


Sexual relations between a human and an animal.
Synonym(s): zooerastia.
[L. bestia, beast]


Sexual intercourse with an animal other than a human.
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Texas is one of eight states that does not have a ban on the books against bestiality.
He continued his argument saying that some of the countries which enacted either same-sex marriage or cohabitation agreements "then also granted them the right to adopt children, resulting today in the decriminalization of bestiality or the creation of a pederast party".
Other proposed bills would bar convicted sex offenders from community centers, parks and pools, outlaw bestiality and tax pornographic products such as adult videos.
Bestiality and zoophilia; sexual relations with animals.
If the teller observes the rules of setup and punch line, he is allowed between those two levees of levity total comic license to spew a toxic bilge of excrement, sexism, misogyny, bestiality, violence, and pedophilia.
Rosenthal writes: "The capture of land by force and the brutality and bestiality that go along with these undertakings, as can be seen in Iraq among other places today, is an essential driving force behind this work.
Some of the photos, seized by police at his Deeside firm, showed sadism and bestiality, Mold Crown Court heard.
In her 1974 book Woman Hating, she advocated a utopian communal "pansexuality" that would include bestiality and incest--but probably not sexual intercourse as we know it.
One might read something like, "The repeated gang rapes and acts of bestiality do not detract from the superb composition and the director's aesthetic grasp .
Statistics inform us that bestiality, and particularly bestiality involving horses, is on the increase in the land of luscious au pairs with sing-song accents and people who play chess with Death on windswept beaches.
The sacredness of passionate, faithful, conjugal love was first defined when Judaism banned adultery, incest, homosexuality, and bestiality.