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1. abnormal fondness for animals.
2. a paraphilia in which intercourse or other sexual activity with animals is the preferred method of achieving sexual excitement; see also zoolagnia. Called also bestiality.
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A paraphilia in which sexual arousal and orgasm are facilitated by engaging in sexual activities with animals.
Synonym(s): bestiality, zooerastia
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A paraphilia in which sexuoeroticism hinges on viewing, engageing in or fanticising about sexual relations between human(s) and animal(s).
Reasons for engageing in bestiality Actor has difficulty forming normal relationships with humans or was never interested in sex with humans. Alternatively, the animal may be used as a sex toy and an animated object for sexual gratification.
Diseases linked to bestiality Worms, fleas, ticks, salmonella, campylobacteriosis, viruses which theoretically can mutate and cause new medical problems, legal and social stigmas
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Sexual relations between a human and an animal.
Synonym(s): zooerastia.
[L. bestia, beast]
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Sexual intercourse with an animal other than a human.
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Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Director Richard Havens told ( KVII-TV that officials have seen eight to 12 cases of bestiality in the state over the last two years.
states, 77 bestiality cases were reported, according to ( .
Ever since 1290 under the reign of Edward I, bestiality has been deemed illegal and has therefore been banned in England.
Although there is no evidence suggesting a link between Sunday's killing of the giraffe to an act of bestiality, Copenhagen's decision to put down the animal has been widely considered another example of the country's record on brutality against animals - which includes tolerance towards growing trend of sex between humans and animals.
Fashina said: 'This Moroccan bestiality, taking place in a situation where the United Nations Mission for Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) was present, is, and ought to be a matter of grave concern for all peoples in the world who cherish human freedom and dignity.'
Because, consistent with Toghill, there are constitutional applications of the Virginia bestiality statute, Warren's facial challenge to Code 18.2-361(A) fails.
There you go, murder and bestiality in a Christmas ditty.
There were also 'unique' images discovered from January 12, 2009, to December 18, 2017, of cartoon and CGI videos, two bestiality images, and 36 bestiality videos.
The incident caused an uproar on Monday with locals accusing the suspect of being fond of committing acts of bestiality.
The bestiality that Mladic conducted from his position during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina will become a historical fact,' said Ohranovic.