characteristic frequency

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characteristic frequency

frequency at which a given neuron responds to the smallest sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency

char·ac·ter·is·tic fre·quen·cy

(kar'ăk-tĕr-is'tik frē'kwĕn-sē)
Frequency at which a given neuron responds to the least sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency.

characteristic frequency



The frequency of sound that is most easily able to stimulate an auditory neuron.
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Generate new frequency parameters dictionary with 0.001 MHz precision at 0.02 MHz bandwidth centered in [f.sub.1], then decompose the received signal with the new dictionary, and get the best frequency parameter [f.sub.2].
The best frequency (BF, kHz), MT (dB SPL), and recording depth ([micro]m) were 18.6, 48, and 1280.
All telecommunications companies except for Vodafone obtained frequencies on the best frequency band of 900 MHz and part on the other frequency band.
The last level of decomposition has minimum temporal resolution and has the best frequency resolution.
"We want to enhance the links we already have, for example, getting the best frequency for business and leisure travellers.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the linear grating has the best frequency response.
Once Eco System for LTE is finalized then one would be able to surely identify the best frequency band in which the operators and the country would get benefit from economies of scales and the use of the most harmonized band worldwide.
Since the wavelet transform uses scale instead of frequency, the traditional linear scaling procedure that is often used with wavelets may not provide the best frequency resolution for all signals.
The researchers will also determine the best frequency of radio signals to use in the wireless networks so that they don't conflict with other systems.
"Fingerprints might actually improve the sensitivity of perception by enhancing the skin vibrations at a frequency that matches the best frequency of these Pacinian corpuscles," Nature magazine quoted Debregeas as saying.
"It's very Darwinian," says Nath, "and this continues until it finds the best frequency combination for that application."
Automatic link establishment and link quality analysis functions in the radio provide the capability to automatically scan and select the best frequency and connect to remote radios.