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A neurogenic Drosophila gene of the major intrinsic protein family, which has cell adhesive functions that may be important for Drosophila neurogenesis. It is essential for proper differentiation of ectoderm; it acts synergistically with neurogenic locus proteins Notch and Delta during the separation of neural and epidermal cell lineages in response to the lateral inhibition signal; it has voltage-insensitive monovalent cation channel. Ion transport in big brain is blocked by divalent cations
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While the guests assemble in their best bib and tucker (and presumably somebody boards up Colleen's mouth), Sally breaks down and then confesses to Pippa how she really feels about the big day.
Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) puts on his best bib and tucker to present the extravaganza of dance routines and guest spots from 36 of the soap's cast including Weatherfield veteran Bill Roache.
Of course, as well as the clothes, there were starattractions in the crowd - Coleen McLoughlin, former Atomic Kitten Liz Mc Clarnon and the girls from Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, all glammed up to the eyeballs, and a few players from Liverpool in their best bib and tucker.
Having turned up in your best bib and tucker you should expect to be greeted by your prospective manager, who will put you at ease and lead you to the room where the interview will take place.
STUDENTS at Rugby College will be wearing their best bib and tucker at their first student ball tonight.
RESIDENTS could pick up some best bib and tucker at a fund-raising event at a Solihull school tomorrow.
On the plus side, the plotline which EastEnders' scriptwriters have been spinning out for what feels like an age could come to an end as the young couple do their best bib and tucker and head to the church.
PRIMARY school pupils put on their best bib and tucker when they staged a ball.
RUGBY ace Mike put on his best bib and tucker yesterday as he met his girlfriend's gran.