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Boston Scientific EPI: A Carotid Stenting Trial for High-Risk Surgical Patients. A trial evaluating M&M for high-risk patients treated with Carotid WALLSTENT® with FilterWire EX®/EZ™ System distal protection

Primary endpoint 1-year M&M—cumulative non Q-wave MI within 24 hours of carotid stenting, death in 30 days, stroke, Q-wave MI, ipsilateral stroke or fatal neurologic events up to 1 year
Conclusions Stenting with the Carotid WALLSTENT® together with the FilterWire EX®/EZ™ in a high risk surgical population that otherwise met all other enrollment criteria demonstrated acceptable 30 day and 1-year safety results
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Along deep coastal areas, such as those near Gambell, residents observed that slush takes longer to form and slush-ice berm formation starts only when the water is cold and a large number of crystals form in the nearshore zone, giving surface waters the consistency of "oatmeal" (a mixture of water and ice crystals).
Rapid erosion of the overall berm occurred in the morning of the 22nd during rising tide, while powers of both short- and long-period waves increased dramatically.
Berm homes don't experience settling and all the accompanying random noises that can be unnerving at 2 a.m.
Their fear increases during funeral gatherings," said Kiki, noting that the berms are being constructed as people feel insufficient security protection in areas belonging to Ninaewa province.
"This might reduce the need to build protective berms," said Kohut.
Second, some berms are really loose soil, often not topsoil.
The individuals began an attempt to egress; however their movement away from the berm was surprisingly slow.
Like a maestro conducting an orchestra, Staff Sgt Lerma spent most of the day striding on an earth berm 900 yards from the target egging on his young bloods from 1 Platoon of Fox Company.
Water, wind and footsteps will erode the berm, and loose dirt will settle into the pool.
In certain instances, where the property constraints necessitate a berm with a bottom width greater than 30 ft, it may be necessary for the designer to place notes on the plan depicting the acceptable type of equipment, such as rubber-tired vehicles, and/or construction methods that can be used.
Previous analysis of beach profiles, put in the context of hydrodynamic and morphologic variability, use Beach Erosion Research and Monitoring (BERM project) data to describe eight geomorphically similar regions along the South Carolina coast.
To make the "temporary" waterhole, I built an earth berm across Little Hollow with a depth of about three feet at the deepest, downstream end.