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Boston Scientific EPI: A Carotid Stenting Trial for High-Risk Surgical Patients. A trial evaluating M&M for high-risk patients treated with Carotid WALLSTENT® with FilterWire EX®/EZ™ System distal protection

Primary endpoint 1-year M&M—cumulative non Q-wave MI within 24 hours of carotid stenting, death in 30 days, stroke, Q-wave MI, ipsilateral stroke or fatal neurologic events up to 1 year
Conclusions Stenting with the Carotid WALLSTENT® together with the FilterWire EX®/EZ™ in a high risk surgical population that otherwise met all other enrollment criteria demonstrated acceptable 30 day and 1-year safety results
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Rapid erosion of the overall berm occurred in the morning of the 22nd during rising tide, while powers of both short- and long-period waves increased dramatically.
This system will effectively allow the infiltration berm to function as designed, eliminating the need for costly redesign and contractor downtime.
Suddenly he lost his footing and went sliding down the other side of the berm.
I ended up going up the berm and into the crowd," he said.
In April, MSHA cited Knife River's Northwest division under the berm standard, 30 CFR 56.
Given the soft nature of the sand and the size of the vehicle, it would have been easy for them to not sense that they had ran over something,'' Feiler said, adding the officers likely couldn't see the woman at the bottom of the berm.
On any lot--flat or sloping--a dry creek bed built into a berm can channel water in the right direction.
Army engineers were responsible for demolishing the former Iraqi billets and administrative buildings, then constructing a protective berm surrounded by a triple-standard concertina wire fence.
A clay berm could be installed at a designated point.
The berm will help hold water, but it may also encourage the root growth to remain within the berm, close to the tree.
Overflowing, in fact, so that the grass-covered berm beyond the outfield had to be opened up to accommodate a paid crowd of more than 8,000 people, almost all of them dutifully dressed in blue.