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Burke, Mary Lermann

a nursing theorist who, with Georgene Gaskill Eakes and Margaret A. Hainsworth, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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A critical mission of Berk International's day-to-day operations is customer satisfaction, a key benchmark by which Berk measures its success.
Because Berk offers no minimum runs, this has allowed the company to work with some entrepreneurs on many interesting products.
Berk said that his home collection for Surya will grow at the January Las Vegas Market to include flatweave rugs; bedding is planned for a spring High Point Market introduction; and lighting will be added at the Las Vegas Market in July.
Reading the verdict, presiding Judge Jeanne Kalk said De Berk 'went about her work in a refined and calculating way, when the chance of discovery was small.
Berk and Tan found "significant increases" of IFN in male volunteers while watching a humorous 60-minute video--with elevated levels as long as 12 hours later.
After winning Wilson as an investor, Hillberg & Berk has gone from generating $100,000 in sales to over $2 million in only 4 years.
Dr Berk was previously employed as the chief medical officer at BIND Therapeutics, Intellikine LLC and Abraxis Bioscience Inc.
Brad Pitt showed up at the organization's annual Summer Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel to accept a $250,000 check from HFPA president Philip Berk to benefit Film Foundation Inc.
If objects could speak," Berk ventures, "what would you want them to say?
Blissfully unaware that her world was about to be shattered by a devastating phonecall, Joanne Yilmaz sat composing yet another letter to Home Secretary David Blunkett, begging for her Turkish husband Berk - the father of her three children - to be allowed to live with her in Britain.
Jonathan Berk, a financial economist at the University of California, Berkeley, read the first one or two financial articles in physics journals that his graduate students brought him.
8 October 2015 - US-based public relations agency MWWPR has acquired a majority stake in Berk Communications and Marketing Group, a full-service, boutique public relations firm specializing in sports, entertainment, travel, lifestyle publicity and event planning, the company said.