A group of alkaloids found primarily in poppy plants (Papaveraceae). The curare alkaloids are bisbenzylisoquinolines.
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Selective inhibition of calcium entry induced by benzylisoquinolines in rat smooth muscle was studied (Catret et al.
Mechanism of the cardiovascular activity of laudanosine: comparison with papaverine and other benzylisoquinolines.
Preparative-scale fermentation of papaveraldine, the known benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, with Mucor ramannianus 1939 (sih) has resulted in a stereoselective reduction of the ketone group and the isolation of S-papaverinol and S-papaverinol N-oxide (106).
Among nitro-containing metabolites, the aristolochic acids are a family of substituted 10-nitro-1-phenantropic acids, biogenetically derived from benzylisoquinoline precursors, which in turn originate from tyrosine amino acid (Michl et al.
The 5-HT and [alpha]-adrenoceptor antagonist effect of four benzylisoquinoline alkaloids on rat aorta.
The five major alkaloids are mainly divided into two distinct chemical classes (Reisine 1996:527)--phenanthrenes (morphine, codeine thebaine) and benzylisoquinolines (papaverine and noscapine).
During his stay at Ottawa he isolated three new classes of benzylisoquinolines alkaloid; the cularines, the spirobenzylisoquinolines and the cancentrine alkaloids.
After his retirement from Uniroyal he continued as an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo where the structure of the dimeric benzylisoquinoline concentrine, the most novel and complex alkaloid he had isolated at NRC, was finally settled 38 years later, in 1970.
1999) families, which produce a wide range of isoquinoline alkaloids structures as benzylisoquinolines, bisbenzylisoquinolines, aporphines, proaporphines and oxoaporphines (Mahiou et al.
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