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Relating to or containing benzyl.
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In addition, wide range of benzylic, aliphatic, and allylic alcohols was also studied for selective oxidation into their corresponding carbonyl compounds, which yielded complete convertibility within short reaction times under mild reaction conditions.
Yang et al., "Oxidation of benzylic compounds by gold nanowires at 1 atm [O.sub.2]," Chemical Communications, vol.
Silane (13) has a chlorine atom bonded to an allylic group, and silane (4) has a chloride bonded to a benzylic group.
The decomposition reaction was monitored by following the benzylic protons in the (1.) H NMR spectrum.
Pincock has begun to obtain a real understanding of the factors that control the competition between homolytic and heterolytic photocleavage of benzylic substrates and is trying to apply these principles to develop synthetically useful procedures.
More examinations also resulted that in the case of benzylic and aromatic secondary amines such as benzylamine and N-methylaniline, the protocol was also efficient and produced the corresponding formamides in 88-90 % yields (entries 18 and 19).
Similarly, the other ortho-coupled doublets at [delta] 7.13 (2H, H-3'' & H-5'') and [delta] 7.05 (2H, H-2'' & H-6'') along with a benzylic methylene signal at 4.77 (s, 2H, C[H.sub.2]-7'') were helpful to ascertain the substitution of 4-chlorobenzyl moiety on nitrogen atom of the targeted sulfonamide.
In the last case, the presence of benzylic positions that can be easily halogenated using BCl3 has prevented the synthesis of hexa-alkyl substituted boron subphthalocyanines even under favorable reaction conditions that include the use of DBU and DBN as promotors and higher temperatures [10].
prepared plum-pudding type Pd@Ce[O.sub.2] and used it as a visible light photocatalyst for selective oxidation of benzylic alcohols to corresponding aldehydes in a process in which photogenerated electron produced superoxide radicals, thereby facilitating the oxidation [34].
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