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Relating to or containing benzyl.
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It has been suggested that poly(VBOPE) and its derivatives with N, S, and 0 donor systems and the benzylic ether groups might have inhibited enzyme production because enzymes that require a free hydroxy group for their activity appear to be especially susceptible to deactivation by the donor atoms of the polymers.
The chemical shifts of the benzylic methylenes depend on their relative position in the aromatic ring.
Muzart, ChromiumVI Complex Catalyzed Benzylic Oxidations in the Presence of tert.
This is attributed to the stability of the benzylic bromide functionality within BIMS to HBr elimination (17).
Since there are no bromine groups present in IMS, the strong interactions between BIMS and CB could be attributed to the chemical interactions between the benzylic bromine in BIMS and the surface functional groups of CB particles.
This reaction method is significant due to the hindrance of further bromination, thus only one bromine was bonded to benzylic position.
Brominated isobutylene-co-p-methylstyrene (BIMS) (grade: Exxpro [TM] 3035; benzylic bromine of 0.
In order of decreasing ease of hydrogen abstraction are phenolic [is greater than] benzylic [is greater than] allylic [is greater than] tertiary [is greater than] secondary [is greater than] primary (ref.
The compounds having hydrogen atoms in the benzylic or allylic sites will have good potential in this assay due to comparatively simple abstraction of the atomic hydrogen from the functional groups of peroxy radicals which were formed in the test (29).
Brazil) polyester hydroxyl number = 63 mg KOH/g Hydroxyl-based PL400 viscosity = 400 cP Kolon Chemical resin (used as (Korea) nonreactive diluent) Benzylic alcohol Commerical grade Vetec Ind.
85 mole-% benzylic bromide outperformed the NR/BR control in this test.
The active pendant benzylic bromines, in the presence of a mild Lewis acid such as zinc oxide, will react to form zinc bromides.