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Relating to or containing benzyl.
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It has been suggested that poly(VBOPE) and its derivatives with N, S, and 0 donor systems and the benzylic ether groups might have inhibited enzyme production because enzymes that require a free hydroxy group for their activity appear to be especially susceptible to deactivation by the donor atoms of the polymers.
The unmodified and modified ER were diluted with PL400 (an hydroxyl-based non reactive diluent) (10 g) and benzylic alcohol (10 g).
These values were lower than those normally found for epoxy systems, because of the presence of 20 wt% of nonreactive diluents (PL400 and benzylic alcohol) acting as plasticizer.
1M NaOH in benzylic alcohol with phenolphthaleine as indicator after addition of 20 mL of chloroform to prevent polymer precipitation.
5 mole % of cure functionality there is not complete utilization of cure sites with current cure systems since benzylic bromine is evident by NMR after cure.
49 mole % of benzylic bromine is the lowest bromine containing commercial BIMS.
A comparison of these energies for primary verses secondary verses tertiary verses allyl or benzylic hydrogens is in figure 2.
Further investigation to eliminate sources of benzylic and allylic carbons within the formulations may result in improved aging performance.
It is therefore possible to regulate over a wide range the level of benzylic bromide cure functionality while retaining good elastomeric properties.
Subsequent bromination under controlled conditions with a free radical initiator yields almost exclusively the bromination of the p-methyl group in the copolymer giving a very reactive benzylic bromine.
In response to the requirement for better versatility in cure response, a new curative was developed which efficiently utilizes the experimental polymer's unique crosslinking functionality provided by the pendant benzylic bromide (ref.
Gardner and coworkers have discussed a fully saturated polyisobutylene with a benzylic bromide cure site which gives good covulcanization with diene polymers (ref.