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pe·tro·le·um ben·zin

purified, low boiling fractions distilled from petroleum consisting of hydrocarbons, chiefly of the methane series; it is highly flammable, and its vapors, when mixed with air and ignited, may explode; used as a solvent.
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, benzin, benzine (ben'zen?, ben-zen') [ benz(oin) + -ene]
C6H6, a highly flammable volatile organic compound that is the simplest member of the aromatic series of hydrocarbons. It is composed of six carbon atoms in a ring and has one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom. It is immiscible with water, dissolves fats, and is used as a solvent and in the synthesis of dyes and drugs. Synonym: benzol


It is a carcinogen.
CAS # 71-43-2

ethenyl benzene

See: ethenylbenzene
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Judge Andrew Goymer ordered Benzin's trial to proceed in his absence.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has started testing a new fuel called e- benzin.
After a welcome by Jim Benzin, commander of VFW Post 10396, the dedication will include speeches by Mayor Frank Saverino, park district Executive Director Jim Reuter and park Commissioner Jacqueline Jeffery.
Haley Nist, Olivia Benzin and Mari Nishiura each shot 73 to tie for 29th place, and Susie Cavanagh shot 74 to tie for 38th as the Beavers tied for third with Texas San Antonio in the team competition.
(14.) Karakose O, Sabuncuoglu MZ, Benzin MF, Celik G, Bulbul M, Pulat H.
Temmuz 2010'da ise, Iran'a yonelik yaptirimlarin desteklenmesi amaciyla bu ulkeye benzin satan firmalarin cezalandirilacagi bildirilmistir (82).
Apart from the film Ze soboty na nedeli [From Saturday to Sunday] by director Gustav Machaty (1931), there were all the films from the Voskovec and Werich studio: Pudr a benzin [Powder and Petrol] (1931), Penize nebo zivot [Your Money or Your Life] (1932), Hej rup [Heave Ho] (1934), Svet patri nam [The World Belongs to Us] (1937).
In addition to his position at the post and his leadership on Carol Stream's task force to build a veterans memorial, Benzin, 70, is also the DuPage Care Center's 2018 volunteer of the year for his work with the center's Veterans Service Organization.
The Beavers had wins from Haley Nist (2 and 1), Susie Cavanagh (in 21 holes) and Olivia Benzin (6 and 4).
Bu maksatla ornegin Turkiye'de enerji tuketiminde ucuncu buyuk paya sahip ulastirma sektorunde zaten son derece yuksek olan benzin gibi C[O.sub.2] salinimi yuksek yakitlardaki vergi yukunu artirmak yerine likit petrol gaz (LPG), oto gaz ve dogal gaz ile denetimli uretilen biyo-dizel ve biyo-etanolde vergi indirimleri ya da tesvikler getirilebilir.