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pe·tro·le·um ben·zin

purified, low boiling fractions distilled from petroleum consisting of hydrocarbons, chiefly of the methane series; it is highly flammable, and its vapors, when mixed with air and ignited, may explode; used as a solvent.


/ben·zin/ (ben´zin) petroleum benzin; see under petroleum .


, benzin, benzine (ben'zen?, ben-zen') [ benz(oin) + -ene]
C6H6, a highly flammable volatile organic compound that is the simplest member of the aromatic series of hydrocarbons. It is composed of six carbon atoms in a ring and has one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom. It is immiscible with water, dissolves fats, and is used as a solvent and in the synthesis of dyes and drugs. Synonym: benzol


It is a carcinogen.
CAS # 71-43-2

ethenyl benzene

See: ethenylbenzene
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7%, with the prices of purified petroleum benzin, sodium carbonate, sulfuric acid and methyl alcohol down 2.
Oregon State - led by Nicole Schroeder at 228 and Olivia Benzin at 229 - finished eighth at 918.
Kuzey Amerika'da benzin tuketimi cok olan ve bu nedenle hic de uygun olmayan bir bicimde spor tasitlar olarak adlandirilan son model otomobiller, engellere aldirmaksizin her yere gidilebilecegi anlamina gelen, dogayi, Nissan firmasmin reklam kampanyalarindaki ifadesiyle "modern dogayi" fethetme soylemiyle muhtemel alicilarma sunulmaktadir.
Oregon's Cathleen Santoso is tied for 23rd individually with a 5-over 77, while Oregon State's Olivia Benzin and Nicole Schroeder are among a group tied for 27th at 78.
Predmet nabave je dizelsko gorivo i bezolovni motorni benzin za pogon motornih vozila, isporuka fco benzinska postaja na raspolaganju ponuditelju, sukladno odredbama ove dokumentacije za nadmetanje.
Eurosuper BS 95, bezolovni motorni benzin, sa sadrajem sumpora do 10 mg/kg, sukladan zahtjevima kvalitete i granicnim vrijednostima prema standardu HRN EN 228:2010,
Olivia Benzin had a final-day 1-over 73 to finish 10th individually.
Olivia Benzin is tied for 13th with a team-best 2-over 146 as Oregon State sits fifth after 36 holes of the 54-hole Ptarmigan Ram Classic.
All five Oregon State golfers were within three strokes of each other, as Haley Nist and Hannah Swanson each shot a 5-over 77, Olivia Benzin carded a 6-over 78, Ashlee Pickerell posted a 7-over 79 and Chelsea Saelee shot a 8-over 80.
Olivia Benzin finished in a tie for 20th at 226 for the Beavers.
The Beavers are at 29-over-par 605, led by Olivia Benzin and Chelsea Saelee, who are tied for 21st place at 150.