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pe·tro·le·um ben·zin

purified, low boiling fractions distilled from petroleum consisting of hydrocarbons, chiefly of the methane series; it is highly flammable, and its vapors, when mixed with air and ignited, may explode; used as a solvent.


/ben·zin/ (ben´zin) petroleum benzin; see under petroleum .


, benzin, benzine (ben'zen?, ben-zen') [ benz(oin) + -ene]
C6H6, a highly flammable volatile organic compound that is the simplest member of the aromatic series of hydrocarbons. It is composed of six carbon atoms in a ring and has one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom. It is immiscible with water, dissolves fats, and is used as a solvent and in the synthesis of dyes and drugs. Synonym: benzol


It is a carcinogen.
CAS # 71-43-2

ethenyl benzene

See: ethenylbenzene
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