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Benne plant, an herb, Sesamum indicum (family Pedaliaceae), the seeds of which are used as a food and as the source of sesame oil.
[G. sēsamē, sesame, an Eastern leguminous plant]
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Instructions: Please identify the roles at which you excel in discussion from the list below (adapted from Benne and Sheats).
Benne so, or the "side-word" includes words in giri so as well as the deeper explanation of certain parts of the rites and representations.
The Connecticut Workshop, run by Benne, Lewin, Lippitt, and Bradford in 1946, pushed the learning deeper.
Stackhouse, Public Theology and Political Economy (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdman's, 1987); Robert Benne, The Paradoxical Vision: A Public Theology for the 21st Century (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995); Michael J.
LIP: Benne Bell Up Glare in Brown Sugar Shine, $4, drugstores.
This ultra-deep survey of neutral hydrogen gas in the early universe will be led by Dr Sarah Blyth and Dr Benne Holwerda, both at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, in partnership with Dr Andrew Baker at Rutgers University in the US.
He criticised Benne for having, in his view, "put on its blacklist not perpetrators of offences or dangerous and wanted people as stipulated by the Schengen agreement, but even Kadhafi and the foreign affairs minister".
We are waiting until they are in a fit state to be interviewed, they've got a few too many under their belt," said Sen-Sgt Adrian Benne from Geelong Police.
Ask any of the old Bangaloreans about the best place for Benne Masala Dosa, and " seetee- aargey hogi" will be the reply.
Since his early contributions, a large body of literature on the theory of planned change has developed, including strategies for overcoming resistance to change and for the process of creating change in a variety of organizations (Bennis, Benne, & Chin, 1969).
The principal pioneers in developing T-Groups were Kurt Lewin (although he died before the T-Group became the basic training format for the NTL's Human Relations Laboratory), followed by Kenneth Benne, Ron Lippitt and Leland Bradford (Benne, 1964).