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Benne plant, an herb, Sesamum indicum (family Pedaliaceae), the seeds of which are used as a food and as the source of sesame oil.
[G. sēsamē, sesame, an Eastern leguminous plant]
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What I have not done in this article is present a concrete problem to work through which might make one feel the importance of the distinctions between giri so, benne so, bolo so, and so dayi.
Ask any of the old Bangaloreans about the best place for Benne Masala Dosa, and " seetee- aargey hogi" will be the reply.
Since his early contributions, a large body of literature on the theory of planned change has developed, including strategies for overcoming resistance to change and for the process of creating change in a variety of organizations (Bennis, Benne, & Chin, 1969).
A report from the front lines; conversations on public theology; a festschrift in honor of Robert Benne.
Smith, B., Benne, K., Stanley, W., & Anderson, A.
Menu includes Sazeracs (cocktail); Benne Wafers; Crab Cakes With Rmoulade Sauce; Hoppin' John (black-eyed peas with vegetables); Hot-and-Tangy Greens; and Coconut Cake.
An elegantly earthy flavor, McCormick(N) Gourmet Collection[TM] Black Sesame Seeds add the perfect nutty taste and texture to Asian and Mediterranean inspired dishes Known as the "benne seed," our black sesame seeds thrive in Asia, North Africa, and Central America and help you dream up an endless amount of inspired dishes.
Benne, senior security specialist and security discipline leader for Syska Hennessy Group (, offers tips to help you prepare in the event of an emergency:
For example, the couplet "whenne be gospelle I-red be schalle,/Teache hem benne to stonde vp alle" found in other manuscripts (7) becomes the following in the Regius manuscript: "And when be gospel me rede schal/Fayre bou stonde vp fro be wal" (ll.
These factors include: the growth of evangelical churches in America, the extraordinary increase in enrollments in orthodox Christian colleges and universities compared to the rest of higher education, the emergence of Baylor as a Christian research university, the influence of Christian educational associations such as CCCU and the Lilly Fellows National Network (the latter in partnership with Catholic schools), external funding from foundations such as Pew and Lilly, the influential writings of Christian scholars such as George Marsden, Mark Noll, Robert Benne, and a host of others, and the renewed interest across America in matters of religion and spirituality over the past two decades.
Molnars Hypothese hervorgehoben, dass sich in dem letzten Satzgefuge des Textes, das in der heutigen Sprache als mert ha o nem volna Isten, benne beunt talalhatn ank wiederzugeben ist, das Pronomen benne (Inessiv) auf Jesus oder Maria bezieht: 'ware er nicht Gott, konnten wir in ihm (bzw.