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The state of being benign and so behaving
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Last February, the DFA appealed to the Israeli government 'in the spirit of friendly relations between the Philippines and Israel, to treat overstaying Filipinos who need to be repatriated in an orderly and benignant manner, especially since children may be involved.'
Churchill, he says, was a great man and benignant. He says that although Churchill's judgment was often doubted (in some cases by Roberts himself), he surpassed his detractors and nearly everyone else on the three largest issues, "the Prussian militarists in 1914, the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s, and Soviet communism after the Second World War."
Instead of making the external landscape merge with the perceiving self in a benignant way, Kendall argues, the outer world still threatens to destroy the poetic persona who turns back.
Other benignant oral lesions that might mimic potentially premalignant lesions, for instance, with sponge nevus, require careful clinical and histological examinations, avoiding misdiagnosis [17].
that my Song With star-like virtue in its place may shine; Shedding benignant influence,--and secure, Itself, from all malevolent effect Of those mutations that extend their sway Throughout the nether sphere!--And if with this I mix more lowly matter; with the thing Contemplated, describe the Mind and Man Contemplating; and who, and what he was, The transitory Being that beheld This Vision,--when and where, and how he lived;-- Be not this labour useless.
in particular, the world of reconstruction was a world of terror, the Great Migration was motivated by terror, during the civil rights era terror was systemized and entrenched in policing strategies, and today, "stop, frisk, shoot, kill" seems to be the new motto of appropriate police behaviors, rather than "protect and serve"; and how terror now has an economic dimension in the first world/third world divide, shatters the tacitly accepted benignant invention of humanism as universalist discourse.
Appearance of MS can be from benignant to the fast speed which makes basic changes in life style of the patients.
As "ignorance is bliss" they say, "tis folly to be wise"-- So, unrepining, work away," the wealthy tyrant cries; But let the startling voice of truth in every realms [sic] be heard, To teach the least of human kind God's own benignant word.
The primary point of Woolf's art in this essay, though, is quite familiar to her close readers, as she has performed it in other essays throughout her career, starting early on; and it lies in substituting for the great men's the lives of the many anonymous (or virtually so) dead women, which she is doing here by recounting her version of Hare's The Story of Two Noble Lives about the Ladies Waterford and Canning, their lives being every bit as worthy of remembrance as their "singularly" (23) deficient (in mind and heart), aristocrat husbands, and also as worthy of the major characters of Shakespeare, so much does the "benignant lustre" (23) of their names shine forth in the eyes of Woolf and now her truly sympathetic readers.
While this benignant source remains to be reached, the light it emits a mere shade away from blood red in hue, the narrative is essentially one of progress.