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The state of being benign and so behaving
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It is also an example of the use of some benignant and apparently innocent concepts such as regeneration or Urban Historic Environment but when looked at carefully, they are nothing more than labels used to legitimate agendas and convince the public opinion that those are agencies playing the role of securing urban change in the most beneficial possible way.
in particular, the world of reconstruction was a world of terror, the Great Migration was motivated by terror, during the civil rights era terror was systemized and entrenched in policing strategies, and today, "stop, frisk, shoot, kill" seems to be the new motto of appropriate police behaviors, rather than "protect and serve"; and how terror now has an economic dimension in the first world/third world divide, shatters the tacitly accepted benignant invention of humanism as universalist discourse.
Appearance of MS can be from benignant to the fast speed which makes basic changes in life style of the patients.
As "ignorance is bliss" they say, "tis folly to be wise"-- So, unrepining, work away," the wealthy tyrant cries; But let the startling voice of truth in every realms [sic] be heard, To teach the least of human kind God's own benignant word.
While this benignant source remains to be reached, the light it emits a mere shade away from blood red in hue, the narrative is essentially one of progress.
Rents in Dubai have also experienced hikes, so the residents are likely to deem it benignant to go for a one time investment, instead of spending big chunks of their income on rental properties.
The Gothic, in other words, has been sublimated into Roman Catholic orthodoxy by the comic burial and reburial of monks in holy soil, the benignant gaze of Pope Julius the Third, and Kenyon's flirtation with the doctrine of the Fortunate Fall.
The sensation novel did what Dickens famously declared that all good "domestic" novels should do, when he wished for "a good spirit who would take the house tops off, with a more potent and benignant hand," so that readers could better reflect upon what might be happening within.
She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice and benignant sympathy of her example.
But water power was the first to raise hopes that mankind might be eased from severe toil by the benignant help of Nature.
though unclassic be thy name, By every muse unsung, should from thy tide, To keen poetic eyes alone reveal'd, From the cerulean bosom of the deep (As Aphrodite rose of old) appear, Health's blooming goddess, and benignant smile On her true votary
The first appears only in Oak and Ivy (1893) and consists of three ballad stanzas aglow with "Sweet sympathy, benignant ray," and, truth be told, a bit sticky with its "balm to bathe the wounded heart" (11.