benign migratory glossitis

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ge·o·graph·ic tongue

idiopathic, asymptomatic erythematous circinate macules, often bounded peripherally by a white band, as a result of atrophy of the filiform papillae; with time the lesions resolve, coalesce, and change in distribution; frequently associated with fissured tongues.
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A relatively common condition characterised by idiopathic inflammation, possibly due to emotional stress; more common in children and adolescents
DiffDx Lingual syphilis with dense white patches
Management Rarely successful, i.e., empirical (e.g., vitamins, antibiotics, psychotherapy)
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ge·o·graph·ic tongue

(jē'ŏ-graf'ik tŭng)
Idiopathic, asymptomatic erythematous circinate macules, due to atrophy of filiform papillae; with time, lesions resolve, coalesce, and change in distribution.
Synonym(s): benign migratory glossitis, lingua geographica.
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The purpose of this study was to determine the clinical presentation of benign migratory glossitis, associated etiological factors and treatment modalities.
The patient was also incidentally found to have benign migratory glossitis associated with fissured tongue Fig 1.
Fig 1: Benign migratory glossitis in 45 years old female

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