benign essential tremor

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her·e·do·fa·mil·i·al trem·or

a benign tremor inherited as a dominant character; it may be a rapid oscillation resembling that seen in thyrotoxicosis, a coarse tremor during rest and inhibited by a voluntary effort, or one which appears only on movement; of autosomal dominant inheritance.
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Patient discussion about benign essential tremor

Q. Should I go for the knife? I have essential tremor for many years, and in the last few years it seems nothing helps it, and although I tried all the drugs my doctor could offer me, nothing helps. It really ruins my life, and recently I read about a surgery that suppose to treat it, called thalamotomy- does anyone know anything about it?

A. It's a possibility, and considered effective (reducing tremor in most of the patients). However, it has quite serious side effects, that can result even in weakness of some parts of your body. You should think really good before you opt for this treatment. Good luck!

Q. Hand tremors, 22 yrs. Meds have not worked. Is brain surgery the only option left? After taking medication I get about 2 1/2 hours of reduced tremors. After that I can't write my name. Eating is becoming a greater problem and there are times I need help even getting dressed. Frustration has caused me to get counseling. I've been on every medication authorized for the treatment of essential tremors. Increased dosages reduced the effect of the medicine.

A. Have you tried combination treatment with two drugs? It's considered more effective than treatment with one drug only.

Surgery is indeed a treatment option for severe, disabling tremor. However, all I can give you is a general advice - there's really no substitution for consulting a professional (e.g. a neurologist).

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Benign Essential Tremor is generally considered a slowly progressive disorder.
Philip was told about a new procedure for benign essential tremor but was advised to wait until the technology advanced.
Also, Benign Essential Tremor is a harmless shaking of the hands when they are at rest and can occur at any age.

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