benevolent spirits

benevolent spirits (b·neˑ·v·lnt spirˑ·its), according to the Pima Indian healing system, spirits believed to be responsible for recruiting and training shamans, who diagnose illness and direct the clients to other practitioners for treatment.
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In "Down in the well" there are benevolent spirits "Who wish you well.
Only two hours away from Toronto, Muskoka is where flocks of weary citydwellers turn anglers every weekend, leaving their Blackberries on silent mode as they wait for the bass, trout or pike to bite the bait, and imagining that benevolent spirits stand watching them nearby.
Mr Pierce-Jones said he was sure the place was haunted - but fortunately by benevolent spirits.
The story of two young girls who discover benevolent spirits living in and around their new home, "Totoro" conveys the world's everyday wonders and terrors as only a child can see them.
Performed on consecrated ground like churchyards and cemeteries, the steps celebrate newly reawakened nature, imitating the planting and growth of trees and crops to court the grace of benevolent spirits.
People are supposed to keep themselves in a favourable light with the benevolent spirits by maintaining good family relations, looking after any property they may have left behind, and observing prescribed rituals (e.
She says she wants to get people together and to use "crystals, drum circles, prayer and meditation to contact the benevolent spirits of angels, ancestors and animals which will help heal the agony of the American people.
The dolls (commonly referred to as kachina dolls) represent benevolent spirits that play a large role in the culture of the Hopi, who live in northeastern Arizona.
With a little amateur snooping, and helped by the house's benevolent spirits, Marrow gets to the bottom of what ails the house and has a noisy showdown with the head ghost.
All in all, a picture emerges of a community in and around Obando that accepts the existence of a supernatural realm inhabited by both malign and benevolent spirits with which it was possible to communicate through the medium of familiars like Isac.