benefit booklet

benefit booklet,

n a booklet or pamphlet provided to the subscriber that contains a general explanation of the benefits and related provisions of the dental benefits program. Also known as a
summary plan description.
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Providing each enrollee a benefit booklet outlining and identifying covered services, exclusions, and claims filing procedures and continuation coverages.
Additionally, once signed in, you can view frequently asked questions and oral health information, and download commonly used forms/documents, the Tricare Dental Program Benefit Booklet and other materials.
Parents or guardians are encouraged to check their benefit booklet for coverage information, or to call their insurance provider.
Typically, employers have just provided the benefit booklet that was provided by their insurance carrier.
Furnish to each enrolled employee a benefit booklet outlining and defining all covered services, limitations and exclusions, schedule of benefits, and ERISA plan information requirements.
The printable benefit booklet gives a company an easy way to provide a hard copy of what is on the Web, without duplicating effort.
Document Sciences' exhibit will also feature customized Insurance Policy and Benefit Booklet automation using Document Library Services (DLS), the company's legal-compliance text management sub-system.
the ability to search online benefit booklets for answers to employees' coverage and contract questions.
Finally, be sure that your provider supports you with it's own plan administration staff and offers administration resources such as: an administration manual and support, employee benefit booklets, monthly newsletters focusing on prevention education and an understandable website with FAQS for quick reference.
Most important, make sure each partner knows where to find wills, policies, and benefit booklets and that he or she will be able to easily access them if something were to happen.
Package Information: Have available full, written summaries of severance benefits, prepared with as much care as the benefit booklets handed to new hires.
Besides submitting claims online, physicians also may submit referrals, check the status of a patient's claim, check eligibility, view benefit booklets, check authorizations and referral status, see how much patients have paid toward their deductibles and out-of-pocket amounts and confirm whether a patient has any other health insurance.