bending fracture

bend·ing frac·ture

an injury in which a long bone or bones, usually the radius and ulna, are bent (that is, angulated) due to multiple microfractures, none of which can be seen by x-ray imaging.
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Cantilever curl (also called "compression curl") is a curved lip just before total fracture of a body loaded in bending and is therefore a feature associated with a bending fracture or a load with a strong bending component (Scherrer et al.
When the load reached 560 kN, midspan bending fracture reached the maximum width of 5 mm; however, the bonding surface between the hinge joint and the hollow slab girder showed no fracture during the entire testing process.
After measuring the flexural strength, the fracture surface of the sample strip was sprayed with gold, and SEM (field emission scanning electron microscope, Tescan, Czech) was used to observe the changes in the bending fracture microscopic morphology of samples in the degradation process.
Several methods approach the quasibrittle nature of plain concrete under mode-I bending fracture [5].
The method developed in this study by which bending fracture tests were coupled to AE techniques provided helpful results to understand in great detail the failure mechanisms of tool steels under such applied loading, as well as the interaction of their microstructural constituents.
As a result of a simple calculus, one could determine the energy necessary for the delamination, bending fracture, respectively penetration of the bullet, by using the following relations:
This action tends to cause crushing of the tenon on its inside edge and a bending fracture on its outside edge at its point of entry into the bottom face of the rafter.
The flake produced by a bending fracture tears away from the core behind the point of impact, whereas on a conchoidally produced flake, the platform lies between the point of impact and the dorsal surface of the flake.
In order to fully understand the bending fracture behavior and monitor micro-damage evolution under long-term evaluation (e.g., thermal cycling test, fatigue test), better correlations between captured AE signals and micro-damages are needed.
Khalid, "A comparison between beam and semi-circular bending fracture tests for asphalt," Road Materials and Pavement Design, vol.
The compliance and ERR of the present model are closely related to the results obtained by the finite element analysis, demonstrating that the present model is accurately evaluating the compliance and ERR of the four-point bending fracture test.