bench testing

bench test·ing

testing of a device against specifications in a simulated (nonliving) environment.
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During lab and bench testing, the company has demonstrated that the contemplated Infinitus Super Highway can transfer data at a speed greater than 10 Gbps.
From simulation and bench testing to validation and production testing, having a closed-loop system to measure audio and dynamic signal performance over an A2B network is an integral part of incorporating the bus technology into next-generation automotive systems.
Market analysts believe there is a long distance to cover between lab and bench testing, and manufacturing.
* Electrical bench testing must demonstrate device safety during intended use.
The application of Virtual Life Management modeling techniques provides for improvements in the understanding of electronic system reliability and allows for significant reductions in bench testing."
HP today announced the availability of two new HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) four-socket servers that the company says will facilitate a cloud model and, according to in-house bench testing, deliver a return on investment within three months.
Highly flexible, the miniMaster is ideal for the development of new dyeing processes, bench testing of more complex treatments, and production of swatches for customer presentations.
AFO rigidity measurements have previously involved two main methods: (1) bench testing and (2) functional analyses [5].
The fourth module on bench testing and shelf life was submitted in November and the penultimate module on manufacturing has just been submitted.
The reductions in fuel consumption and C[O.sub.2] emissions were verified theoretically through simulation calculations, and practically via extensive bench testing at Porsche.