bench testing

bench test·ing

testing of a device against specifications in a simulated (nonliving) environment.
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Contract notice: market design , production and installation of a new ~ ~ bench testing non- fogging .
Electrical bench testing must demonstrate device safety during intended use.
Delivery of the first propulsion system will now allow a rigorous bench testing program to commence which will be followed by flight testing.
Highly flexible, the miniMaster is ideal for the development of new dyeing processes, bench testing of more complex treatments, and production of swatches for customer presentations.
The fourth module on bench testing and shelf life was submitted in November and the penultimate module on manufacturing has just been submitted.
For bench testing, APx has real-time signal monitors including residual THD+N in oscilloscope view and a 1-Mpoint FFT.
Preliminary bench testing of the slurry produced on the project determined that a 0.
The reality is that aircraft engine operation is so fraught with variables that bench testing of oils illuminates only a shred of what you need to know to make an informed choice.
FDA plans to release new PMA guidelines for pacemaker and implantable defibrillator leads in 2008 to give manufacturers more guidance on bench testing.
The new engineering center will be composed of two facilities: an office site with design and test labs in Yangpu District of Shanghai and a facility with large-scale equipment for bench testing as an extension of the existing Continental Automotive Systems Shanghai facility in Jiading.
The report includes surveys of the literature, vendors and manufacturers, arsenic occurrence and co-occurrence analysis, experimental protocols and analytical methods and bench testing.