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Colloquialism for abdominal pain, usually colicky.
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Pain in the stomach or abdomen; colic.

bel′ly·ach′er n.
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noun A popular term for stomach ache.

verb To complain; whinge.
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'All the political bellyaching in the world will not hide the situation now.'
There has been some bellyaching, but far more teamwork.
Fewer Americans want to hear a group of grunge-rock misfits bellyaching about social injustice or drug-besotted angst after thousands of Americans lost their lives in the worst one-day tragedy in American history.
JUST when I was going to give bellyaching Nick Faldo a whack with my three iron, he has seen sense and called off his vindictive vendatta against Mark James.
I read all the bellyaching about the march right after it was announced, which boiled down to a bunch of activists whining because someone else was taking the initiative.
Andrew's meeting as "a festival of humbug." Jeffrey Simpson describes the annual gatherings as a "ritualistic session of national bellyaching." Others were equally critical.
They could spend endless meeting time bellyaching about the issues, but the three-month deadline - not a lot of time to redesign the system and present it for approval - was non-negotiable.
Needless to say, minority entrepreneurs who support the micro movement aren't merely bellyaching about the paltry 5% to 10% set-asides pecked over by African American, Latino, Asian, Native American and white women business owners.
officials who have been bellyaching for years about Soviet spies on the permanent staff of the United Nations.
But I have only contempt for one-eyed Conservatives bellyaching that they're on the receiving end of what they practised at the General Election.
I am sick and tired of the bellyaching, ungrateful citizens of Worcester.
Bellyaching isn't going to help even Superman rebuild Tacloban City.