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Colloquialism for abdominal pain, usually colicky.


Pain in the stomach or abdomen; colic.

bel′ly·ach′er n.


noun A popular term for stomach ache.

verb To complain; whinge.
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While the sections written by Doug and Andrew are charming (they lose our sympathy only when they opt for two wedding invitations, with one for conservative guests that excises the word wedding), the elder Merlings' bellyaching becomes quickly tedious.
The Ryder Cup is two months away - but the ballyhoo and bellyaching has begun.
And now Bill Clinton, sounding like a Bush clone, is bellyaching about "the knee-jerk liberal press.
And that the result of all this bellyaching is that women are viewed only as victims, infantilized in the very way that feminists have fought against for years.
IF BELLYACHING was jan Olympic sport, moaning Tories would grab gold.
Sit in any part of St James' Park, watch blokes bellyaching about every little thing and you can see what he means.
In one corner, where gluttony loomed, two girls with pillows stuffed under their shirts rolled around on the ground next to plates of pizza, chips and cookies, bellyaching that they ate too much.
Complete with role-plays, random Star Wars cartoons and bellyaching digressions about Barret's family history, Making Divorce Work is like Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em meets Ulysses: a brilliantly funny stream-of-consciousness journey though the emotions of one of television's funniest characters
THE cast of Auf Wiedersehen Pet are bellyaching about the fact that Timothy Spall, who plays Barry, is getting pounds 250,000 for three weeks of work on the new series while the rest of them are getting the same amount for three MONTHS of work.
Yet even in yesterday's benign conditions the world's top golfers were bellyaching.
It's time everyone stopped bellyaching and backstabbing.
I suppose I did my share of bellyaching about marginal rates.