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Colloquialism for abdominal pain, usually colicky.
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Pain in the stomach or abdomen; colic.

bel′ly·ach′er n.
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noun A popular term for stomach ache.

verb To complain; whinge.
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What has happened, bellyachers sit on their backsides, watching Oprah Winfrey, convinced they are part of the nation who have been victimized by everyone else.
As a colleague aptly put it, "Little bellyachers grow up to become big bellyachers," meaning if you respond to stress with abdominal pain as a child you'll probably do so as an adult.
All the professional doom and gloom bellyachers have gone very quiet now the sky hasn''t fallen in.
Secondly, Coun Minnis's description of those campaigning against stock transfer (and for massive government investment in social housing) as 'professional bellyachers' plus his refusal to debate publicly the future of the homes of well over 200,000 of the city's population show that he prefers cheap jibes and snide remarks to intelligent discussion - a situation as regrettable as it is revealing.
One specialist labelled them "little bellyachers" and suggested that they grew up into "big bellyachers"!
Campaigners opposed to the transfer of Birmingham's 80,000 council houses to an independent trust have been labelled 'professional bellyachers' by the man in charge of the city's housing stock.