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Colloquialism for abdominal pain, usually colicky.


Pain in the stomach or abdomen; colic.

bel′ly·ach′er n.


noun A popular term for stomach ache.

verb To complain; whinge.
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The Manchester band have confirmed a 20-date tour for November and December which will see them celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pills 'n' Thrills And Bellyaches.
Spills, stains and bellyaches ( Network Q estimates one in 50 cars suffer.
When the White House bellyaches about Rush's talk-radio forum as mindless, or jokes that he is a racist, the Clintonites signal the marketplace that they, too, are among the enlightened few who know that middle-class attitudes are beyond the pale of decency.
They all met up at Mandela Hall in Belfast in December on the closing night of the Happy Mondays' Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches 25th anniversary tour.
Whatever your opinion, it's inarguably 25 years since their Pills 'n'Thrills And Bellyaches album made Shaun and Bez household names.
LETTING Bez from the Happy Mondays have his own area at Glastonbury was always going to result in some pills, thrills and bellyaches.
The top search result if you Google "Alan Beith tuition fees" is an article in which he bellyaches that "students face a lifetime of debt under the Conservatives".
LETTING Bez from the Happy Mondays have his own area at Glastonbury always meant there would be Pills after some Thrills and Bellyaches.
THRILLS, spills and bellyaches are in store as historic Yarm Fair rolls into town next week.
Oakie produced the Mondays' Pills, Thrills 'n' Bellyaches album, and will DJ before the Mondays at the London festival.
Spills, stains and bellyaches ( Network Q estimate that one in 50 cars suffer from families being carefree with food and drink.
So while the council bellyaches about making housing less expensive without any plan for the city as a whole, the district conspires to make housing costlier while gobbling up all available land for schools.