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, pl.


(ŭm-bil'i-kŭs, ŭm-bi-lī-kŭs; -i-sī, -lī'kī), [TA]
The pit in the center of the abdominal wall marking the point where the umbilical cord entered the fetus.
Synonym(s): belly button, navel
[L. navel]
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The scarred residua of the umbilical cord in humans, which is either a depression (“innie”, seen in 90% of the population) or protuberance (“outie”).
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belly button

Medtalk Umbilicus, navel
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belly button

An informal term for the navel (UMBILICUS).
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An umbilicoplasty modifies the size and shape of a belly button, whereas the umbilical hernia repair transforms an outward-facing belly button into an inward-facing belly button.
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