belly button

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, pl.


(ŭm-bil'i-kŭs, ŭm-bi-lī-kŭs; -i-sī, -lī'kī), [TA]
The pit in the center of the abdominal wall marking the point where the umbilical cord entered the fetus.
Synonym(s): belly button, navel
[L. navel]
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The scarred residua of the umbilical cord in humans, which is either a depression (“innie”, seen in 90% of the population) or protuberance (“outie”).
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belly button

Medtalk Umbilicus, navel
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belly button

An informal term for the navel (UMBILICUS).
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Mercer calls resection of belly button endometriosis, because-like DiCaprio's character in the film "Titanic"--you're facing an iceberg: The lesion seen on the umbilicus is only a small part of the endometriosis extending below the surface.
In your May 1995 column, you said only mammals had belly buttons. What about the platypus?
Having an outie belly button suggests that the pregnant woman is already in her second or third trimester.
For the uninitiated, an umbilical hernia is a health condition where the abdominal wall behind the belly button is damaged.
As a child someone told me to touch their belly button and then smell my finger.
A GRAN whose belly button exploded on a holiday jet after a botched tummy tuck has won more than PS20,000 compensation.
"However, we are still trying to figure out what determines which of these species are found in a given person's belly button.
"The Belly Button Fairy" is an entrancing, fantasy-filled, original rhyming tale by Bobbie Hinman about how all children's belly buttons came to be in the middle of their tummies.
Q I'VE got a pierced nose, tongue and belly button and now I am thinking of having my genitals pierced.
If you measure your waist, about where your belly button is, risks to your health occur if this is above 35in (89cm) for a woman and above 37in (94cm) for a man.