belly button

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, pl.


(ŭm-bil'i-kŭs, ŭm-bi-lī-kŭs; -i-sī, -lī'kī), [TA]
The pit in the center of the abdominal wall marking the point where the umbilical cord entered the fetus.
Synonym(s): belly button, navel
[L. navel]

belly button

colloquial.See umbilicus.


The scarred residua of the umbilical cord in humans, which is either a depression (“innie”, seen in 90% of the population) or protuberance (“outie”).

belly button

Medtalk Umbilicus, navel

belly button

An informal term for the navel (UMBILICUS).
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His belly button harbored at least 53 species of bacteria.
Maybe some of us need to get busy pursuing a better inspection program to track the presence of Staph bugs in food instead of sitting around picking lint out of our belly buttons.
Traditionally, these organs have been removed by making three incisions in the torso as well as the belly button.
This means overweight patients no longer have to undergo the usual five incisions for traditional laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, Professor Favretti performed the operation via a single incision through the belly button.
Wash your belly button with a handful of sea salt in the shower every day and try an anti-fungal over-the-counter cream such as an athlete's foot ointment.
If I touch the base of her belly button she almost climaxes.
It wasn't the missing tie actually, it was the belly button on view
For the perfect panty fit, measure around your hipbone, about two inches below your belly button.
Mr Lopez was having difficulty breathing and so he did what any sensible bloke would do under the circumstances: put a needle into his belly button and drained three litres of fluid from his lungs.
While many people might now be more mindful of belly button washing, Dunn said such organisms that are also found on our forearms, hands and really the entire surface of the body, serve an important function.
I'm quite happy with just the regulation single belly button but I can see the advantage of an extra one or even two for those who like to eat crudites in bed: you could put salt in one, blue cheese dip in another and mint yoghurt in the third.
Set-up position: Legs just outside the hips, soft knees, shoulders back and belly button pulled in.