belly button

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, pl.


(ŭm-bil'i-kŭs, ŭm-bi-lī-kŭs; -i-sī, -lī'kī), [TA]
The pit in the center of the abdominal wall marking the point where the umbilical cord entered the fetus.
Synonym(s): belly button, navel
[L. navel]

belly button

colloquial.See umbilicus.


The scarred residua of the umbilical cord in humans, which is either a depression (“innie”, seen in 90% of the population) or protuberance (“outie”).

belly button

Medtalk Umbilicus, navel

belly button

An informal term for the navel (UMBILICUS).
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In a lecture on abdominal examinations I had a panic attack in front of everybody LAUREN JONES on her rare phobia of belly buttons
The belly button has many names, including the fairly technical term, "navel".
Some medical textbooks say that belly button endometriosis only occurs after laparoscopy or other pelvic surgery, but surgery is not a prerequisite, Dr.
Kangaroos, koalas, and other marsupials (mar-SOO-pee-ulz) don't really have belly buttons either.
Kardashian was relieved after learning that not all moms experienced her belly button concerns when they were pregnant.
Mind you, a hairy bloke will look a bit daft in the summer in his shorts in the back garden with an area shaved clear of hair leaving his belly button looking like a bulls eye in the middle of a target.
And six years later, on the return flight from a holiday in Portugal, she spotted blisters around where her belly button had been - and then it erupted.
She later discovered her old belly button had been left inside her, although when she had the surgery six years earlier in 2005 she was told there was not enough skin to create a new one.
Dr Dunn and his team said that they have swabbed more than 500 belly buttons over the past two years, but concentrate on just 60 individuals for their study.
If you measure your waist, about where your belly button is, risks to your health occur if this is above 35in (89cm) for a woman and above 37in (94cm) for a man.
Q MY girlfriend likes me to play with her belly button - is this normal?
Q MY baby has a swelling around his belly button that gets larger whenever he cries.