bell-shaped curve

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gaus·si·an dis·tri·bu·tion

(gow'sē-ăn dis'tri-byū'shŭn)
The statistical distribution of members of a population around the population mean. In a gaussian distribution, 68.2% of values fall within ± 1 standard deviation (SD); 95.4% fall within ± 2 SD of the mean; and 99.7% fall within ± 3 SD of the mean.
Synonym(s): bell-shaped curve, normal distribution.
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Instead of the typical bell-shaped curve, the fossil record shows a fat-tailed distribution, with extreme, outlier, events occurring with higher-than-expected probability.
From the 20 (62.5% of the total sample) boys displaying bell-shaped curves during voiding in standing position, 16 also displayed a bell-shaped curve during voiding in sitting position (see Table 2).
In valuing the first property, the appraiser estimated a standard deviation of $100,000 and assumed a normal bell-shaped curve distribution.
This was contrary to the previously reported pH profile wherein the hydrolysis followed a bell-shaped curve with the maxima at pH 9.0 [18].
This means that instead of a one-size-fits-all approach aimed toward those at the center of the bell-shaped curve, companies can understand and reach out to the customers on either end of the curve, who were once underserved.
The men's histogram looks like a bell-shaped curve whereas the women's is a multimodal curve.
The models examined include general systems theory, attachment theory, the stages of change model, the normal or bell-shaped curve, and hierarchies and inverted hierarchies.
This is probably a bell-shaped curve, so an agreed-upon cut point will be required.
The bell-shaped curve of intelligence suggests only two percent of students can achieve straight A grades and score in the 98th percentile on the SAT/ACT.
The bell-shaped curve of income distribution seems to have disappeared, and in its place a barbell or hourglass-shaped distribution curve has appeared as the bifurcation of consumers is creating a noticeable shift in the economy and, in particular, in retailing.
Elementary statistics stipulates that the bell-shaped curve is valid for a large sample over time, since this configuration reflects the general population.
It has always seemed to me that just about everything good or bad can be described by a bell-shaped curve. Of course, horrible accidents and abductions occur in the tail of that curve--they are rare and anomalous.