bellmetal resonance

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bell·met·al res·o·nance

in cases of a large pulmonary cavity or of pneumothorax, a clear metallic sound obtained by striking a coin, held against the chest, by another coin, or by flicking the chest wall with one's fingernail; the sound is heard on auscultating the chest wall on the same side anteroposteriorly.
References in classic literature ?
Upon that, I turned down the long passage which I had first trodden in my thick boots, and he made his bell sound.
The bell sounds with shrill reverberations, and PHIPPS enters.
Gordon's All Saints Cathedral in Edmonton set their automated church bell sound system to ring out 1,181 times twice a week--one chime every three seconds for 57 minutes.
If a public announcement is made during a bell alert, the sounder memorises the bell sound which is then resumed immediately following the announcement.
The shoulder taps will activate if a cyclist is overtaking, tapping the left or right shoulder depending on which side the driver should check, and the audio system will also make a bell sound in the speaker corresponding to a warning location.
Some of the 12 little pieces have hints of nervous anxiety, some have the timeless Gamelan bell sound of stillness.
Or -- instead of a bell sound today, it could be a foghorn or a train whistle
Always, just as on the day when I first saw them in uniform, I heard a bell sound in my brain.
On January 24, 1961, they recorded Runaway at the Bell Sound recording studios.
But now, 32 years on, the Shirestone Community Primary School teacher will hear the class bell sound for the last time.
When the men in town heard the church bell sound the quick-paced fire call, they rushed to the firetruck housed in Tanner's garage, which is now Caesar's Carpets at High Street and Moorpark Avenue, according to Patty Reuter of the Moorpark Historical Society.
Other features cater to individual tastes; such as a customized bell sound download service and a prepaid card for cellular phone access without having to remit a monthly service fee.