bellmetal resonance

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bell·met·al res·o·nance

in cases of a large pulmonary cavity or of pneumothorax, a clear metallic sound obtained by striking a coin, held against the chest, by another coin, or by flicking the chest wall with one's fingernail; the sound is heard on auscultating the chest wall on the same side anteroposteriorly.
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References in classic literature ?
The memory of her forest dream had never passed away, and through trial and temptation she had been true, and kept her resolution still unbroken; seldom now did the warning bell sound in her ear, and seldom did the flower's fragrance cease to float about her, or the fairy light to brighten all whereon it fell.
Upon that, I turned down the long passage which I had first trodden in my thick boots, and he made his bell sound. At the end of the passage, while the bell was still reverberating, I found Sarah Pocket: who appeared to have now become constitutionally green and yellow by reason of me.
One wrote a whole poem about it, and said the bell sounded like the voice of a mother to a good dear child, and that no melody was sweeter than the tones of the bell.
A second bell sounded, and was followed by moving of luggage, noise, shouting and laughter.
Then another bell sounded, and they ran downstairs.
The bell sounded faint and far away in some remote, hollow depths.
And the bell sounded again, whilst Fouquet repeated, "Gourville!
Hardly was he concealed when the little bell sounded. Kitty went to her mistress, and did not leave the door open; but the partition was so thin that one could hear nearly all that passed between the two women.
Presently a bell sounded, the curtains flew apart, and the OPERATIC TRAGEDY began.
He spoke before the hour bell sounded, which it now did with a deep, dull, hollow, melancholy ONE.
Finally his bell sounded, and Victor came in softly with a cup of tea, and a pile of letters, on a small tray of old Sevres china, and drew back the olive-satin curtains, with their shimmering blue lining, that hung in front of the three tall windows.
The bell sounds with shrill reverberations, and PHIPPS enters.]