being buried alive

be·ing bur·ied a·live

References in classic literature ?
After the third shock was over, and I felt no more for some time, I began to take courage; and yet I had not heart enough to go over my wall again, for fear of being buried alive, but sat still upon the ground greatly cast down and disconsolate, not knowing what to do.
He said: "Catching a bullet in your mouth and being buried alive are the two most dangerous tricks for magicians - they are the ones most people have died doing.
Landslides in southeastern Bangladesh have killed at least 49 people, with many victims being buried alive as they slept overnight.
IT'S the film sensation everyone's talking about, but during filming Iron Man had to battle against a SNOW storm in the DESERT and its star being buried alive in a freak sandstorm.
THE BBC has been flooded with complaints over scenes In EastEnders of Max Branning being buried alive.
Snowmobiler Ryan Roberts Shares His Story of Being Buried Alive for Eight Hours in Montana Avalanche
A MAN who held the world record for being buried alive was laid to rest yesterday after dying of cancer.
Patrick added, ``My biggest fear has always been being buried alive.
NHRH Jennie Bond really is the bravest woman on the planet - or has a secret fetish for being buried alive in coffins full of rats.
A FACTORY worker yesterday escaped being buried alive under tons of ice.
The question at hand was the fear of being buried alive.
In this book the author tackies one of mankind's most persistent fears, that of being buried alive.