being buried alive

be·ing bur·ied a·live

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References in classic literature ?
"Go, your worship," said Sancho, "and come back quick for God's sake; for I cannot bear being buried alive any longer, and I'm dying of fear."
A forensic examination was conducted on the baby and it determined that the child died from suffocation after being buried alive. The report also confirmed that the baby was "eaten by the animals after."
Judge Peter Collier described the case as "uniquely chilling." "Being buried alive must be one of the most dreadful ways to die that anyone can imagine.
In the novel, Crusoe is afraid of dying a living death by being buried alive in an earthquake.
The 31-year-old Emirati, whose previous tricks include torching himself and teleportation, told 7DAYS: "Being buried alive is the next step for me, it is a big challenge and I will do it.
Landslides in southeastern Bangladesh have killed at least 49 people, with many victims being buried alive as they slept overnight.
In their burqa they are being buried alive. Why don't they preach this in the mosques?" he asked.
A MAN who held the world record for being buried alive was laid to rest yesterday after dying of cancer.
"Every day is like being buried alive with your thoughts.
A FACTORY worker yesterday escaped being buried alive under tons of ice.
The question at hand was the fear of being buried alive. Since Jews bury their dead within 24 hours, could they be sure their sick were truly dead?
In this book the author tackies one of mankind's most persistent fears, that of being buried alive. The fear, enshrined in the literatures of Britain, Europe and America, persists to this day and is fuelled by stories of people in deep comas who recover after their life-support machines are switched off.