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A procedural plan for a proposed objective, especially the sequence and time allotted for each item or operation required for its completion.
[L. scheda, fr. scida, a strip of papyrus, leaf of paper]
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noun A document, form plan, timetable.

(verb) To plan a future event.

A blank form, as described in Coroners Rule 10 (1984), on which data can be written—e.g., from a postmortem examination.

Medspeak-UK: pronounced, SHED yule
Medspeak-US: pronounced, SKED yull
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Medtalk A listing of events or services by dates or by cost. See Call schedule, Fee schedule, MSBOS schedule, Negotiated fee schedule.
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A procedural plan for a proposed objective (e.g., dental care), especially sequence and time allotted for each item or operation required for its completion.
[L. scheda, fr. scida, a strip of papyrus, leaf of paper]
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Patient discussion about schedule

Q. I am scheduled for a TEE and i am very scared. what is exactly going to happen there? I am scheduled for a Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) for my heart valve problem and i am very scared. what is exactly going to happen there to me? I understand i need to swallow somthing and I am not sure I'll be able to do it. I have a strong gag reflex. can someone tell me what I can do to reduce the fear?

A. During a TEE you will be requested to swallow something that looks like a big chocolate kiss. This is all the swallowing that is involved. It is not fun, and me too have a strong gag reflex. I asked the doctor to let me watch the TEE of the guy that was before me in the line. After I saw how this test is done it was easier for me.
(Don't get me wrong, you will want to puke but you will be able to handle this urge)

Q. How can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer so that I can’t escape the schedule? I am interested in improving my health for which I am trying for the past few years but now I took steps to fulfill that. How can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer so that I can’t escape the schedule?

A. You didn’t mention your age. Whatever your age might be there are numerous ways you can benefit from utilizing a trainer. A personal trainer can help pinpoint the specific goals that are important to you. CFR trainers can make sure you reach these goals through a personalized fitness program. Therefore, you know what direction you are taking, instead of being uncertain and taking a risk with your results.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when working with a fitness coach:

• Weight Loss
• Increased Endurance
• Increased Definition (Toning)
• Improve Muscle Imbalances
• Increased Flexibility
• Decreased Risk of Injury
• Improved Coordination & Balance
• Increased Metabolism
• Increased Knowledge
• Build Larger muscles (Bodybuilding)
• Improved Overall Health
• Guaranteed Fitness and Results!
• Increased Strength
• Decreased Body Fat
• Improved Posture
• Strengthen Lower Back
• Increased Bone Density
• Decreased Risk Of Diseases

Q. I am scheduled for scope surgery for a torn meniscus on my knee and what is the duration for recovery? Has anyone had this surgery for a torn meniscus? How did you deal with this recovery?

A. The recovery process is individual, and you cannot predict it in advance. I know someone who has done it and was able to go back to exercising regularly after 2 months. I would think the recovery from the surgery itself is a matter of few weeks until you can walk properly, however you should still give your knee a break and rest for a while after.

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Electricite de France SA (EDF) (EDF.FR), a France-based utility company, is running behind schedule in building works on an EPR-type nuclear reactor, according to French daily Le Figaro.
"Every project for which the Port Authority is responsible has fallen years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget, hindering the entire WTC rebuilding effort," Lieber's statement said.
Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) (TYO: 7269), a Japan-based automaker, is behind schedule in building its St.
The projects: The Wachusett project is two years behind schedule and nearly $12 million over budget.
The Hawiyah gas plant has also been considered as a back-up but its own expansion to 2,400 MCF/day from 1,600 MCF/day is running behind schedule, with a July deadline set to be missed.
Since negative variances are generally bad news, it appears that I'm one mile of track/one month/$1 million behind schedule.
Now, almost five years later, we learn this from Justin Gillis of The Washington Post: "The government's $1 billion effort to develop a new anthrax vaccine has run into difficulty, with the company in charge [VaxGen Inc.] of the project reporting failure in a major human test, and falling at least a year behind schedule."
Last year Prudential Financial conducted the Roadblocks to Retirement study, which found that 60% of Americans indicated they are behind schedule in saving for retirement.
ENGLAND will not play at the new Wembley Stadium until next year because building work is "significantly behind schedule", the Football Association confirmed today.
In the first article, which ran on November 13, the newspaper noted a string of setbacks that put the project six weeks behind schedule. Problems ranged from the county's slowdown on building permits to a lumber shortage attributed to Hurricane Katrina to a rainy October.
Construction was slow in the months leading to the June 2004 opening, which was two months behind schedule.
Now two months behind schedule, Emma decides to supplement the au natural plan that failed to perceive its objective.