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Pertaining to behavior.
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Pertaining to behavior.
Synonym(s): behavioural.
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Patient discussion about behavioral

Q. Is there any explanation for this behavior? My son is 7 years old. He has a very uncooperative behavior with all his friends, his teachers and with us as well. He opposes for everything been taught to him by his teachers. He never cooperates with his friends and he always argues with everyone. He is very hostile to us and is always ready to fight. We have discussed about him to a doctor and he said it may be the signs of ADHD. Still he needs to be diagnosed officially which they may start after meeting my son. I was wondering about the reasons which can lead to such a behavior of my child? Is there any explanation for this behavior?


Q. rude/nasty behavior My sister was diagnosed with Bipolar and continues to take medication. She never went to Psychotherapy. Her demeanor is always very negative and her behavior is often critical and rude. My mother's attributes this to her ‘condition’ therefore reinforces her negative behavior. I haven't read anything about Bipolar that states rude/nasty behavior is a symptom. Is this type of behavior attributable to Bipolar?

A. damaez, I totally agree with you. Our bodies are so mal-nourished from the proper neccessities due to the way our foods are prepared that the body doesn't function properly. I believe that so many people are diagnosed with all types of disorders and put on medication and still act the same way with very little improvement. now a days they have a pill for everything. I have never heard of so many disorders in my life time as you hear about now. Bipolar is so easily thrown around that people use this excuse for being rude, disrespectful, and down right mean.You can be in a bad mood go see a doctor and be diagnosed as Bipolar. I work in the field of Human Services in a residential treatment program for DSS Adolescents and just about all that reside are Bipolar it is unreal. Sad but true.The more that is diagnosed the more pills,treatment and MONEY!

Q. What can I do to check on his behavior and make him regular… my 7 year son is seen with ADHD. I am not able to control on his high urges and irregularity and confusion which comes with this ADHD. What can I do to check on his behavior and make him regular…I know if I start now probably he will be better in coming years….

A. Very well……… need to make some strategies for your child. Like create a daily routine for your child. Place your child`s belongings at the same place daily and at same time. If your child is doing anything, please keep the thing away which may distract him. Limit the choices from many things to 2 things only if possible. Describe anything in clear and short way. Make goals for your child like for positive behavior and appreciate him when he does. Please scold less or don’t shout on him for his mistakes at all rather make him understand by reducing on his demands or choices. Help your child to find his talents and make him work on them.

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