behavioral objective

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1. perceptible by the external senses.
2. a clear, concise declarative statement that directs action toward a specific goal.
3. the lens or system of lenses of a microscope nearest the object that is being examined.
achromatic objective one in which the chromatic aberration is corrected for two colors and the spherical aberration for one color.
affective objective a statement of expectations regarding changes in attitude or feelings.
apochromatic objective one in which chromatic aberration is corrected for three colors and the spherical aberration for two colors.
behavioral objective a written statement identifying an action or pattern of actions to be expected after an intervention.
cognitive objective a statement of expectations regarding knowledge.
flat field objective a microscopic objective that provides an image in which all parts of the field are simultaneously in focus.
immersion objective one designed to have its tip and the coverglass over the specimen connected by a liquid instead of air.
psychomotor objective a statement of expectations regarding the acquisition of skills.
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Upon completion of the rock-climbing program, the client will display positive coping techniques as evidenced by accomplishing the established behavioral objectives.
In my instructional methodology courses at UCLA, I urged prospective teachers to design their classroom instructional events to promote students' mastery of clearly stated behavioral objectives. Behavioral objectives, in my view, provided two key advantages to teachers.
A lesson on writing behavioral objectives in a college course on Training Design for the Hospitality Industry is developed the same as any group training.
(Once you learn to write behavioral objectives, you are stuck with writing goals that are specific and measurable.
Student achievement of behavioral objectives is measured in several ways including tests, objective evaluation of student prepared written papers, oral presentations, seminar contributions, formal problem solving exercises, use of proper quantitative techniques, and interpretation of quantitative information.
She describes how to design and use effective learning systems where content and evaluation are based on behavioral objectives and consider innovative teaching methods.
When he is separated from his rat family, Remy's future is uncertain but his goals are clear--he has well-thought-out, focused, behavioral objectives to guide him.
(9) Typically, behavioral objectives consist of the action to take, standard of performance, timing of the action, and finally, results reporting (e.g., being accountable for actions).
Popham, Donald Schon, Lawrence Stenhouse, Lev Vygotsky, John White, commenting on their ideas about behavioral objectives, process curriculum, foundationalism, power-knowledge, structure, pedagogy, internalization, psycho-cultural views of learning, critical pedagogy, refection, autonomy, and postmodernism.
For a class of individuals, behavioral objectives specify observable performances at a standard.
reported that despite their health histories, survivors' health behaviors are almost identical to those of the general population-and neither group approaches the American Cancer Society (ACS) or Healthy People 2010 behavioral objectives.

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