behavioral objective

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1. perceptible by the external senses.
2. a clear, concise declarative statement that directs action toward a specific goal.
3. the lens or system of lenses of a microscope nearest the object that is being examined.
achromatic objective one in which the chromatic aberration is corrected for two colors and the spherical aberration for one color.
affective objective a statement of expectations regarding changes in attitude or feelings.
apochromatic objective one in which chromatic aberration is corrected for three colors and the spherical aberration for two colors.
behavioral objective a written statement identifying an action or pattern of actions to be expected after an intervention.
cognitive objective a statement of expectations regarding knowledge.
flat field objective a microscopic objective that provides an image in which all parts of the field are simultaneously in focus.
immersion objective one designed to have its tip and the coverglass over the specimen connected by a liquid instead of air.
psychomotor objective a statement of expectations regarding the acquisition of skills.

behavioral objective

a goal in therapy or research that concerns an act or a specific behavior or pattern of behavior.
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Behavioral objectives intended to increase self-efficacy using vicarious experience should also be established.
A lesson on writing behavioral objectives in a college course on Training Design for the Hospitality Industry is developed the same as any group training.
IOX was my attempt to forestall widespread wheel-reinvention by the many educators who appeared to need behavioral objectives.
The same instructional system may start with its behavioral objectives at the knowledge level with all students achieving them within a fixed frame of time.
Paul were doing was looking at Bloom, looking at other state's behavioral objectives, and then retranslating them into outcomes: turning objectives into outcomes.
Effects of behavioral objectives on student achievement: A meta-analysis of findings.
Many times my students have been stumped during a discussion of these multiple ways to think about educational ends, especially if they've seen their own curriculum work as being centered on behavioral objectives for the better parts of their careers in teaching.
In a specific course, research methods, they operationalized the defined behavioral objectives.
Behavioral objectives should be a developmental subskill or a step thought to be important in achieving the long-range goal (Notari-Syverson & Shuster, 1995).
Specifically, the Cohort recommends the following dual interdependent academic and behavioral objectives.
It contains a number of pedagogical features, including behavioral objectives, chapter outlines, key terms, multiple-choice review questions, learning activities and summaries.
A discussion of the current school reform movement and the search for standards now underway is leavened by Eisner's reminder of the zeal with which behavioral objectives were promoted and pursued in the 1960s.

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