behavioral objective

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1. perceptible by the external senses.
2. a clear, concise declarative statement that directs action toward a specific goal.
3. the lens or system of lenses of a microscope nearest the object that is being examined.
achromatic objective one in which the chromatic aberration is corrected for two colors and the spherical aberration for one color.
affective objective a statement of expectations regarding changes in attitude or feelings.
apochromatic objective one in which chromatic aberration is corrected for three colors and the spherical aberration for two colors.
behavioral objective a written statement identifying an action or pattern of actions to be expected after an intervention.
cognitive objective a statement of expectations regarding knowledge.
flat field objective a microscopic objective that provides an image in which all parts of the field are simultaneously in focus.
immersion objective one designed to have its tip and the coverglass over the specimen connected by a liquid instead of air.
psychomotor objective a statement of expectations regarding the acquisition of skills.

behavioral objective

a goal in therapy or research that concerns an act or a specific behavior or pattern of behavior.
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The standards movement is a stepchild of the marriage between behavioral objectives and outcome based learning.
Effects of behavioral objectives on student achievement: A meta-analysis of findings.
Behavioral objectives without a clear context lose their ability to guide instruction and focus treatment (Bergan & Kratochwill, 1990; Notari-Syverson & Shuster, 1995).
The activities are not a list of short term or behavioral objectives based on conditions or criteria.
If this approval process is not followed, and the customer balks at the last minute, the trainer still has recourse providing that the process of creating detailed, behavioral objectives with associated time slots was followed.

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