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Physical integration of a behavioral health professional into the PCMH is a particularly attractive strategy for improving both access and coordination, making possible warm handoffs at the moment patients or families are ready.
At small installations (and particularly in deployed environments), it is not uncommon for the BHC to be one of the only (or the only) behavioral health professional available to care for the behavioral health needs of the active duty primary care staff.
Are you a behavioral health professional with something to say?
Are you a behavioral health professional interested in writing your own blog for Behavioral Healthcare?
Provide screening and comprehensive assessments by a qualified behavioral health professional, including the evaluation of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, when indicated, to determine treatment and services needs;
Model 2 introduces individual-level perceptions of stigma, barriers to care, leader actions with respect to the July UBHNA survey findings, as well as prior treatment from a behavioral health professional in the past year.
The behavioral health professional must take the lead in tackling this problem by:
To help make the process of finding the right behavioral health professional more seamless, Horizon BCBSNJ has teamed up with Quartet Health.
Should a court determine a person may be a threat to themselves or others after being evaluated by a behavioral health professional, the court can prohibit the person from possessing firearms for up to 180 days.

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