behavior chain

be·hav·ior chain

related behaviors in a series in which each response serves as a stimulus for the next response.
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If the action exercise simulation results in situation close to the goal one by its contents, there is formation of a link in the behavior chain under the condition of implicative solving rule [S.
Three common procedures that use EOs to increase speaker behavior are incidental teaching, behavior chain interruption strategy (BCIS), and brief motivational procedures with time delay (Ross et al.
With a restraint that does not entail those staff responses, we would contend that the restraint procedure does not provide an adaptive behavior chain for the functional reinforcer.
All staff executed an individualized de-escalation procedure based on a behavior chain analysis of the SUBJECT 2's escalation cycle.
Sometimes, ask her to "Wait" and reinforce this behavior at each location, so she doesn't develop an "up-off-up-off" behavior chain.
This result was replicated the next day when condition 2 was continued for ten minutes, in which we see evidence for a behavior chain of food manding, which if not met, was followed by aggression, which then resulted in food delivery.
For best results, use backchaining for this exercise, meaning you'll teach the last piece of the behavior first, and build backward until you've completed the entire behavior chain.
Since those behaviors require separate cues, they aren't technically part of the behavior chain.
However, for behavior chain B, the outcomes are problematic behavior maintained by negative reinforcement and a failure to discriminate natural SDs.
In the case of jumping up, if you're not careful, your dog might learn the short behavior chain of "jump up, sit, reward.
Watch out for extinction bursts and behavior chains.

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