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a sweet carbohydrate of either animal or vegetable origin; the two principal groups are the disaccharides and the monosaccharides.
beet sugar sucrose from sugar beets.
blood sugar
1. glucose occurring in the blood.
2. the amount of glucose in the blood.
cane sugar sucrose from sugar cane.
fruit sugar fructose.
invert sugar a mixture of equal amounts of dextrose and fructose, obtained by hydrolyzing sucrose; used in solution as a parenteral nutrient.
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beet sug·ar

d-sucrose. See: sucrose.
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beet sugar

Sucrose obtained from sugar beets.
See also: sugar
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In fact, it was the allimportant turnip crop so vital for feeding the livestock carried by virtually all farms in Scotland which held back the spread of sugar beet. Farmers felt the extra work of singling and hoeing sugar beet could not be carried out alongside similar tasks among their turnip crops.
The company's plant in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate continues to receive beet crop from farmers to produce sugar from beets, and has received about 1.63m tonnes of beets from farmers to produce sugar, he confirmed.
On the other hand, sugar recovery rate from sugar beet is 10-12 per cent, while the rate from sugarcane is 8-10 per cent.
Beet sugar has an earthy, oxidized aroma and burnt sugar aftertaste, whereas cane sugar is characterized by a sweeter aftertaste, fruity aroma.
This paper reports the results of the study conducted for assessment of variation in ion accumulation (Na+, K+, K+/Na+) and proline content of different sugar beet genotypes under water saline conditions.
Low in fat and calories - beets are low in fat and calories, having an insignificant 0.2 grams of fat and 40.3 calories according to a hundred grams.
One company, at the forefront of Beetroot technology and innovation is Love Beets .
Try Love Beets' unseasoned Cooked Beets (or Trader Joe's Baby Beets).
The company's focused approach on cooperation with farmers has spurred a revival of sugar beet cultivation in the Kyrgyz Republic.
In a ( study published in Nutrition, men and women who drank 17.6 ounces of beet juice, which consisted of about three-fourths beet juice and one-fourth apple juice, had a lower systolic blood pressure six hours later.
One often-overlooked food that's rich in anthocyanidin is beets. Despite their health benefits, beets are often forgotten or ignored, possibly because fresh beets can be challenging to prepare and many people simply don't like the taste.
Well that would depend on my mood, I do love a lightly smoked roasted beet. But it would have to be an Eastern European soup called borscht.