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An insect of the genus Apis; the honeybee, A. mellifica, is the source of honey and wax.
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Any of numerous winged, hairy-bodied, usually stinging hymenopteran insects of the superfamily Apoidea, including both solitary species and social species such as the honeybees, and characterized by sucking and chewing mouthparts for gathering nectar and pollen.
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any member of the Apoidea in the insect order HYMENOPTERA, for example Apis mellifera, the honey bee. Bees possess membranous wings, usually a hairy body and sucking or chewing mouthparts.
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Patient discussion about bee

Q. How to treat a bee sting? We went on a picnic today and my son was stung by a bee. How to treat it?

A. if your son is allergic to bees venom- you need to inject epinephrine very fast and take him to the nearest hospital. but if his not allergic- nothing. if the bee left it's sting try removing it with flicking motion of the fingers, not by grabbing it- this will inject any venom that didn't enter right inside. and calm the kid down and tell him it's not the end of the world. the bee probably though he is a flower and tasted like nectar.

Q. what do i do first if i got stung by a bee? and i am allergic ... :)

A. People who are known to be severely allergic to bee sting usually carry on themselves an adrenaline injection (called epipen etc.), which should be given in order to prevent serious complications of the allergic reaction (like blockage of air flow to the lungs and shock), and then seek medical attention.

However, these measures are prescribed by a doctor, so if you have any questions regarding this subject, you should consult one (e.g. immunologist).

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Q. if a bee bit me and i am allergic , what would happen to me , and what is the best treatment?

A. It depends on your previous exposure and response to the bee sting, but it may result in a severe, life threatening response called anaphylaxis. It includes intense itching and rash, runny nose and mouth, abdominal cramps, vomiting, but the life threatening responses are the closure of the throat and airways and collapse of the heart. It's treated with adrenalin and other medications.

It can be prevented first by avoiding the offending agent, and also by carrying an ready to use adrenalin injector in order to treat it quickly. Also, the allergy can be ameliorated by a series of treatments called immunotherapy, in which the allergic individual is exposed to the allergen in minute amount to make him or her not sensitive any more to this allergen.

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