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beefy, beefyness

1. in dog conformation, used to describe overdevelopment of musculature in the hindquarters.
2. in cattle, used to designate the desirable physical conformation of a beef animal, but an undesirable character in dairy cattle.
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When he started his new regime, Beefy vowed to avoid all alcohol and only eat high-protein non-processed meat and fruit and vegetables.
Beefy stripping stunt happened in 1999 when he whipped off his top in Rome's Stadio Olimpico during a European tie.
Beefy got people taking on challenges they thought were beyond them.
Beefy is proof anyone can become healthier no matter how large they are and I hope inspires other people.
For Beefy does not suffer fools gladly, owes the Press no favours, and has a tendency towards the monosyllabic reply.
The beefy diets typical of Western industrial countries exert a less obvious, but still potentially serious, influence on climate warming, says energy analyst Florentin Krause, who calculated their effects while investigating greenhouse-gas releases for a Dutch-sponsored study (SN: 12/2/89, p.
But Newcastle United fan Beefy has transformed his lifestyle since signing up to The Journal's Great North Fitness Revolution, losing 2st3lbs of fat and shedding 12inches from his waistline.
Now, 25 years on, Ross has made an emotional reunion with Beefy on his anniversary charity trek.
Dairy Crest employee, Philip Mitchell, travelled to Birmingham city centre to meet Beefy on the sixth day of his latest charity walk and present him with a cheque for pounds 567 on behalf of the Castle Vale depot.
It was never easy against a dour Huddersfield side, which put out a beefy pack, but in the end success was well deserved in a very competitive affair.
The beefy 10-year veteran gave a bear hug to longtime friends, reserve officers, boosters and residents as they funneled through the parking lot.