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The leaves of Monarda punctata (family Labiatae), American horsemint, a labiate plant of the U.S. east of the Mississippi; the main commercial source of natural thymol; used as a carminative in colic.
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This may be the reason for one of its nicknames, Beebalm.
Coral Bells, Cardinal flower, Weigelia, Butterfly Bush, Coral Honeysuckle, Trumpet Creeper, Swamp Azalea, Beebalm, Salvia, and Columbine are all good choices for Mississippi's climate and are easily incorporated into a garden.
The fare includes red-flowering crocosmias and lobelias, the tall yellow daisies of silphiums and giant coneflowers, and a pink-flowered beebalm named Monarda bradburiana.
Beebalm: (We will try these this next season so I don't know about them first-hand.) Purported flavor is citrus-like; use for garnish and in salads or beverages.