bee pollen

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bee pollen

Fringe nutrition
A food supplement which contains 55% carbohydrate by weight, as well as protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. The composition and content of bee pollen reflects the plants the worker bees visited before harvesting. It is claimed to be useful for allergies and anaphylactic shock in those allergic to bees, although, if it contains bee particulates, can itself evoke an anaphylactic reaction. Nearly 200 fungi and 30 bacteria have been isolated from bee pollen. It has been promoted by its advocates to enhance athletic performance and be effective for alcoholism, balding, diabetes, poor vision, memory loss and other conditions.

bee pol·len

(bē pol'ĕn)
Plant pollen collected by bees; alleged value against prostatitis and inflammatory disorders; studies suggest value in eliminating acetaminophen toxicity; may vary widely in strength because of vast geographic distribution of the bees themselves.

bee pollen

A mixture of pollens and honey, gathered by bees from flowering plants and used by them to feed their larvae. It has been as an ergogenic aid by some athletes but has no proven effect. Exposure to bee pollen sometimes produces allergic reactions in users.
Synonym: bee bread
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bee pollen,

n mixture of flower pollen, honeybee digestive juices, and nectar. Has been used therapeutically for asthma, allergic conditions, im-potence, bleeding stomach ulcers, altitude sickness, as a dietary supple-ment has been used for cancer, high cholesterol, and cardiac conditions. Should not be used if allergic to pollen or by diabetic patients who are using insulin or hypoglycemic medications.
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Insect contamination was observed in dehydrated bee pollen from Neopolis, Pacatuba, Brejo Grande and Estancia municipalities which had a water content > 8% (Table 1).
Bee pollen contains antioxidants, which prevent the body's cells from being damaged by harmful free radicals, excessive amounts of which can lead to diseases including cancer.
He was also a veteran beekeeper and insisted on consuming a teaspoon of honey and bee pollen every day.
Drinks Express's Re:Juice range contains spirulina, bee pollen and Echinacea--all said to boost the immune system--and Soma organic smoothies list chicory root extract, linseeds and beetroot.
I take vitamin C and Propolis which is something to do with bee pollen.
This citrus-flavored carbonated beverage contains 250% vitamin B6, 100% vitamins C, BI 2, riboflavin, and niacin, 50 mg Siberian ginseng and guarana, and 100 mg bee pollen and taurine.
Bee pollen, and products made from it, have been used as remedies for some people with airborne allergies.
Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) convinced Congress that the NIH should establish an Office of Alternative Medicine and awarded it a $2 million budget (Harkin believed that bee pollen, a popular alternative treatment, cured his allergies and wanted further scientific study).
Also feasible is the collection and sale of bee pollen, which is believed to strengthen the circulatory system, aid digestion and increase alertness and stamina when eaten.
At the suggestion of a friend, he tried bee pollen tablets.
And herbal supplements like evening primrose oil, royal jelly, garlic oil and bee pollen are all natural means of boosting health.
Glutamic acid, arginine aspartate, cafeina cyanocobalamin, cholecalciferol, damiana (turnera difussa), tricalcium phosphate, ginkgo biloba, korean red ginseng, brewer~s yeast, nicotinamide, pyridoxine, bee pollen, riboflavin, thiamine,